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Celebrate Your Accomplishments

We strive each day to accomplish our goals in life that our past accomplishments can be swept under the rug, so to speak. It is healthy to look back in… Read more Celebrate Your Accomplishments

The process is where you will find the joy and where you can expect to see the most growth in your character.

Embrace The Process

Why Should I Embrace The Process? When you hear people talk of their past successes, they will always tell you the outcome. However, unless asked explicitly, they never reveal the… Read more Embrace The Process

The daily actions you do will play a massive part in your future and will ultimately decide the life you live.

Your Habits Decide Your Future!

You may think achieving your dreams and your daily habits don’t go hand in hand. I mean, what does watching Money Heist on Netflix got to do with wanting to… Read more Your Habits Decide Your Future!

By following your path, you will find yourself to be much more happier and you will have a more positive outlook on life in general.

Follow Your Path!

Everyone has their own path and it is definitely true that everyone has dreams and aspirations which they can call their own. Only you know what those are and you… Read more Follow Your Path!

Begin Your Journey!

The beginning of the journey is always the hardest part in any walk of life. Once you start to get going, then your life becomes more structured and you will… Read more Begin Your Journey!

How To Overcome Your Negative Thoughts

Everyone has that small voice in their head telling them something; this can either lead to positive thoughts or negative thoughts. Whether it is good or bad, that voice is… Read more How To Overcome Your Negative Thoughts

Now or Never!

It is such a corny phrase but the underlying message still shines through. Taking action in the present will help you succeed in the future. We’ve all been guilty of… Read more Now or Never!

There Is No Timeline For Success

There are no restrictions on success. You don’t have to become successful at a certain age. Time is just a man-made construct which we are forced to conform to. So… Read more There Is No Timeline For Success

Failure Is Just The Beginning

We have always been told in school to get the highest grade possible and we have always been shunned away from failure as it was deemed to be a concept… Read more Failure Is Just The Beginning

Keep your motivation in check when it comes to revision and you will go on to do great things!

Motivation To Revise

With schools and universities now re-opening, I thought it would be beneficial to write a post on the topic which everyone dreads which is revision. Make sure to not procrastinate… Read more Motivation To Revise

Hard work is unlocking doors you can't see yet!

Trust Your Hard Work

Hard work is the foundation in which success is built upon. You cannot become successful in anything you do without working towards it day in day out. On the path… Read more Trust Your Hard Work

We always have enough time to succeed in life so make use of the time you have!

Stop Saying You Have No Time!

There are many hurdles on the road to success and a noteworthy obstacle is time. It always seems like you never have enough time to do what you truly want,… Read more Stop Saying You Have No Time!

Do not be fooled by social media highlights as they are not an accurate representation of real life!

No One Has It All Figured Out

There are going to be moments in your life where you come to the realisation that you don’t have it all figured out. You must remember that no one has… Read more No One Has It All Figured Out

Being fit and active is the key to staying in good shape and keeping on top of your health!

The Benefits of Physical Activity

During this global pandemic, I’m sure many of you have found yourselves locked away and staying indoors. It is a new world we are living in currently and I would… Read more The Benefits of Physical Activity

Do not wait for motivation to arrive. Go out there and take action!

Don’t Wait For Motivation!

So many people look for motivation to arrive in their lives before they go ahead and take action. To me, that just does not make sense. Sitting around watching motivational… Read more Don’t Wait For Motivation!

Stop Overthinking!

It is a natural human emotion to think. We think when evaluating a situation or when making a decision which is needed. However, overthinking will definitely lead you down a… Read more Stop Overthinking!

Consistency is the key to success!

Keep The Ball Rolling!

Momentum is such a huge contributor to success. People talk about how hard it is to begin something but to keep it going for long periods of time is very… Read more Keep The Ball Rolling!

Learning lessons is good but they are no use if you do not apply them!

A Lesson Learned Is Meaningless Without Application

We all come across lessons in our life whether they are good or bad. The worst thing you can do is to not take heed from these lessons and apply… Read more A Lesson Learned Is Meaningless Without Application

Be engaged in new information and new skills and it will increase your knowledge making you become wiser.

Have A Love Of Learning

The love of learning shouldn’t be restricted to just the classroom. Once you come out of education, you should ensure that the learning mentality you had as a child stays… Read more Have A Love Of Learning

If you believe in yourself, the possibilities are endless!

Why Self-Belief Is Important On The Road To Success

Self-belief is the confidence in one’s abilities or judgement. It doesn’t mean that you think you are perfect but what it does mean is that you know your own limitations.… Read more Why Self-Belief Is Important On The Road To Success

Build Self-Discipline

Nobody wants to tell you why discipline is so important and it is a skill which is hardly talked about. Discipline is the strongest form of self-love and it means… Read more Build Self-Discipline

Dedicate yourself and you can become successful!

Growth Mindset

There are many people who believe that if you were not born with intelligence, then you cannot become intelligent ever in your life. This is definitely not the case. With… Read more Growth Mindset

Always try and better yourself to achieve success!

There Is Always Room For Improvement

You should always strive to be perfect. There is no doubt that this will make you a better person overall. However, there is a fine line between striving to be… Read more There Is Always Room For Improvement

Be able to fail without loss of enthusiasm!

Build Resilience

Building resilience is key in becoming successful. There will be a lot of hurdles on the way to the top so if you can have resilience and be able to… Read more Build Resilience

Be grateful for what you have in life!

Make Gratitude A Habit

Always strive to be in a state of mind where you feel gratitude for what you have in life. There are many people who compare their lives to people who… Read more Make Gratitude A Habit

Always do the right thing in life and let your character shine through!

Act With Integrity

For me personally, integrity is an important trait for a person to have. A person who has strong moral principles and who sticks by their words is a person who… Read more Act With Integrity

You should always strive to be happy!

Follow Your Passion In Life

The first thing I want to say on this post is to never settle. If you hate what you do, then you should think about changing your current situation. We… Read more Follow Your Passion In Life

Value your time wisely as it is very limited!

Your Time Is A Valuable Asset

If you knew how much of an asset time actually is, you would not choose to waste it so easily. Everyone has 24 hours in a day but not all… Read more Your Time Is A Valuable Asset

Meeting Deadlines

Deadlines is a word which haunts everybody. It has negative connotations as it adds extra pressure for you to complete a task in a specified period of time. Life comes… Read more Meeting Deadlines

vWe do have to work hard in order to accomplish our goals but remember to rest so that you can are giving 100% each and every time

Rest and Recovery

Yes, you have to do work to see results but don’t tire yourself out. If you feel like you’re tired and work is getting too much, then take a day… Read more Rest and Recovery

Choose your friends wisely!

Know Who Your Real Friends Are

Friends will come and go. The real friends will stay in your life and they will genuinely care about you and support you in all your endeavours. It can sometimes… Read more Know Who Your Real Friends Are

Remember that in order to be successful, you have to be willing to be unsuccessful!

Being Unsuccessful Is A Blessing

Success is not something you can grab right away. It is a very hard and a journey which will be filled with failure and rejections. These failures in your life… Read more Being Unsuccessful Is A Blessing

If you can reduce your levels of stress before an exam, the better prepared you will be and the better you will perform in the exam.

How To Reduce Stress And Anxiety Before An Exam

If you can reduce your levels of stress before an exam, the better prepared you will be and the better you will perform in the exam. 1. Ensure that you… Read more How To Reduce Stress And Anxiety Before An Exam

Stay focused and driven to accomplish your goals!

Stay On Track

One of the most important factors of success is consistency. The ability to push through any obstacles and to stay focused and driven to succeed in whatever you put your… Read more Stay On Track

Take the good with the good and the bad with the bad.

Not Every Day Is A Good Day

Things will not always go to plan. You may be all geared up for the day but something bad may happen and it will throw you off for the whole… Read more Not Every Day Is A Good Day

Do not wait to make something perfect. Take the moment and make it perfect!

Your Idea Will Never Be Perfect!

We come up with new ideas every day. None of these ideas will ever come to fruition if you try to make it perfect before acting on this idea. This… Read more Your Idea Will Never Be Perfect!

Pressure can get you results whereas stress will bring you down!

Pressure Is Good, Stress Is Not!

You may think of both pressure and stress to be one and the same but they are not. If someone puts pressure on you to do something, it may be… Read more Pressure Is Good, Stress Is Not!

Learn not to show off everything you have and to grow in silence!

Grow Silently

There will always be people who wish for your downfall even though to you, they may seem like your best friend or a good character. This is why you should… Read more Grow Silently

Always plan ahead as this will increase your chances of success!

Plan Ahead!

When you go on a trip, what do you do? You plan ahead. This is because you want the trip to go as smoothly as possible so that you can… Read more Plan Ahead!

The power of visualisation is very strong and will definitely help you reach success!

Visualisation With Action Is Powerful

Having goals is a good step on the path to success. However, in order to truly reach success, you must visualise what you are going to do and how you… Read more Visualisation With Action Is Powerful

Quote Of The Month to begin the decade!

Quote Of The Month

A few days late guys, but I have managed to upload the newest quote of the month to begin not only the new year but the new decade. You can… Read more Quote Of The Month

There are many people who have failed. Use these examples as inspiration for you to do whatever you want to do in life!

Use Failure As Inspiration

It is very easy to see people who are now successful and to think they had it easy in life. To think that they never overcame obstacles and they never… Read more Use Failure As Inspiration

When faced with failure, always move on and try your best to succeed!

How To Deal With Failure

When failure hits you, you can either run from this failure and be depressed or you can embrace that failures are a part of life and take it on the… Read more How To Deal With Failure

Always be genuine and true to yourself!

Be True To Yourself!

You should always endeavour to be a genuine and honest individual. The very famous saying ‘Honesty is the best policy’ is definitely something which I try to uphold. If you… Read more Be True To Yourself!

This post is to help you guys to write captivating blog posts!

How To Write Engaging Blog Posts

Make Your Title Stand Out To draw the readers in, always ensure that your title stands out and when your readers come across your title, it makes them want to… Read more How To Write Engaging Blog Posts

When you get are rejected or you fail in life, pick yourself up and know that there are plenty of opportunities out there!

Abundance Mindset

We will all get rejected or fail at some point in our lives. This rejection or failure should not be what defines us. What defines us is how we rise… Read more Abundance Mindset

This is your chance to promote yourself!

Promote Yourself!

I write to inspire others and if one person becomes inspired by one of my blog posts, then I will consider this a success and I will be thrilled. I… Read more Promote Yourself!

To truly prosper, you must take part in activities and take risks which are outside your comfort zone.

Grow Outside Of Your Comfort Zone

Anyone and everyone can live their day to day lives doing what makes them comfortable. We are creatures of habit and so what you do day in day out will… Read more Grow Outside Of Your Comfort Zone

What makes you write? What are you trying to achieve when you write?

Why Do You Write?

When you write, what is your drive behind doing this? I would like to know why you write for the people. For me, I write to inspire people and to… Read more Why Do You Write?

How do you feel about a 4 day working week instead of 5?

4 Day Working Week

Microsoft decided to have a 4 day working week in their Japan office just to see the effect of this on employees and productivity. It turned out to be a… Read more 4 Day Working Week

Treat everyone the way you would like to be treated because you don't know the demons everyone is fighting on the inside.

Everyone Is Fighting Their Own Battle!

Remember that everyone has their own battles that they are fighting. When you treat someone with disrespect, you are not thinking about how much they are struggling with internally. Anger… Read more Everyone Is Fighting Their Own Battle!

Always endeavour to do the right thing by anyone and everyone you meet!

Always Do The Right Thing

For me personally, integrity is an important trait for a person to have. A person who has strong moral principles and who sticks by their words is a person who… Read more Always Do The Right Thing

Teachers can have a huge impact on students and their future careers!

How Teachers Can Influence Students For Their Future Career

You always hear of the stories where successful people refer to that one teacher who didn’t believe in them. That one teacher who said they couldn’t make it and they… Read more How Teachers Can Influence Students For Their Future Career

Always look to fulfill the potential you have within you!

Are You A Shadow Of Yourself?

Everyone has talent and ability bottled up inside but not everyone shows this to the world. This may be due to a couple of reasons. You may think that people… Read more Are You A Shadow Of Yourself?

If you cannot change the outcome of the situation, then why stress?

Do Not Stress Over What You Cannot Influence

We as human beings tend to get stressed when there is a huge load on our shoulders or when there is a high expectation of us. This kind of stress… Read more Do Not Stress Over What You Cannot Influence

Always strive to be helpful!

Your Character Is Your Biggest Asset

You should always endeavour to help as many people as you can within your ability to do so. Even if it is just a query from your friends, try and… Read more Your Character Is Your Biggest Asset

My Blogging Schedule

I will be writing blog posts on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. On Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday, I will be having a vote on my Instagram as to what the next… Read more My Blogging Schedule

Be disciplined and have a structure which you build your life around!

Stick To A Routine

You should endeavour to be disciplined in your day to day life. This will transcend into bigger and better things because you will then want to be disciplined when it… Read more Stick To A Routine

Your happiness is the most important thing so always put yourself in the best position to do this!

Put Yourself First

One thing which is very hard to do is to say no whether that be to your friends or to your colleagues or even to your parents. This is something… Read more Put Yourself First

By attending events, you will put yourself in a better position for the future!

Attend Events

Always try your best and to make time to attend events. There are many events out there which can help you for the future. If you are currently studying at… Read more Attend Events

How do you define success?

What Is Success?

Success is a concept which can be measurable in many ways depending on the person’s mentality and their mindset towards life. Some look at the word success and they instantly… Read more What Is Success?

There are many ways to get to the right answer, you just need to free your mind to explore different avenues!

There Is More Than One Way To Get The Right Answer

Do not have the mentality of trying one answer and then giving up. This will do you no good for the future and in your future career. You need to… Read more There Is More Than One Way To Get The Right Answer

When you find your purpose in life, then life will be a lot better for you!

Find Meaning and Purpose In Life

A lot of people put emphasis on happiness and believe this will make life better. Now, this statement is true, to an extent. Happiness is a state which can change… Read more Find Meaning and Purpose In Life

If someone uses age against you, prove to them why age does not matter!

Age Is Just A Number

Your age does not define your maturity nor does it define your work ethic. People always say that the youth have more energy than people who are older. This is… Read more Age Is Just A Number

Everyone experiences failure but does failure affect us negatively or positively?

Is Failure A Good Thing?

Failure will always appear in life and some will say that failure is needed to become successful. I agree with this standpoint because I think that if you were successful… Read more Is Failure A Good Thing?

Never Say Later

“I’ll do it later” is such a common phrase in this day and age. Chances are you will not get it done for a very long time. It may seem… Read more Never Say Later



This is a milestone which I never thought I would reach when starting out. To have 1000 people follow my blog and to keep up to date with the posts… Read more 1000 Followers

Relaxation and the idea of rest and recovery is a must if you want to become successful

Relaxation Is Key

Everyone works hard but it is those who know when to go full throttle and when to take some time off to relax that make it to the top. I… Read more Relaxation Is Key

Hard Work or Talent?

We have all heard of the saying “Hard work beats talent”. This can most definitely be true however there are many occasions when that talent within alongside hard work will… Read more Hard Work or Talent?

Take the time to better yourself

Invest In Yourself

Always make time for yourself. We find ourselves always sidetracked by life and to commit to the gruelling day to day tasks which life brings us. The most important thing… Read more Invest In Yourself

Think about what work you need to complete first and then have an action plan to complete all tasks within the deadline

Be Smart With Priorities

Being able to prioritise is an important skill to have. It can save you lots of time and can also help you to produce work more efficiently and to a… Read more Be Smart With Priorities

Be an inspiring figure to those around you by always trying to help them in a time of need!

Share Knowledge

Everyone goes through highs and lows. There will be days when you feel like you know everything and days where you feel like you have not learnt anything at all… Read more Share Knowledge

Look to the future in order to put yourself in a better position

Look To The Future

As human beings, we always want more in life. There are some people who are content with their life as it is currently however, they were once in a position… Read more Look To The Future

Next week, you will be going back to school so this post is to help you settle right back in!

Back To School

Next week, students will be going back to school. I hope you had a great summer holiday and you are now energised to return to school. I know for many… Read more Back To School

Life is full of ups and downs so it is very important to expect the unexpected!

Expect The Unexpected

We all go through highs and lows. There are many times when a job is not what we thought it was or we go to a function which we thought… Read more Expect The Unexpected

When you are in the classroom or even in a lecture, a pen and paper is much more efficient than a laptop!

Put Your Laptop Away

Now a lot of you may be startled with the title and thinking to yourself, “Why the hell is this guy telling me to put my laptop away?” Well, I… Read more Put Your Laptop Away

Why waste energy on seeking attention when you can do something productive?

Do Not Seek Attention

When you try and get other people’s attention, this will not look good for yourself. The best thing you can do is to be yourself as this will help build… Read more Do Not Seek Attention

Water has a lot of properties which we, as human beings, can incorporate into our lives!

Be Like Water

Water has a lot of properties which human beings can apply in their lives in order to help with their development. When water enters a cup, it becomes the cup.… Read more Be Like Water

Whether you got good grades or bad grades, keep your head high!

GCSE Results Day

Today will have been GCSE results day and so I just wanted to write a post on it. If you received good results, then congratulations! All the hard work paid… Read more GCSE Results Day

We all need experiences to progress in our careers but how much is enough?

Any Experience Is Good Experience?

In this day and age, gaining experience is crucial in progressing in the workforce. Employers are always asking for you to provide examples of your experience in your CV’s and… Read more Any Experience Is Good Experience?

It is very good to put in the work but do not sacrifice your mental health and your energy in order to produce results

Don’t Burn Yourself Out!

I have written many posts on working as hard as you can and how you should go out of your way to be better than everybody else and to stand… Read more Don’t Burn Yourself Out!

Public speaking is a skill which can really help you achieve success in the future

Public Speaking

In this post, I will talk about public speaking and how it can help you in your future career. During your educational journey, you will be asked to speak in… Read more Public Speaking

We all talk about how schools increase your knowledge but does it stifle creativity in the process?

Is Creativity Being Stifled In Schools?

School can be very rigid at times and all students must adhere to these ‘strict’ rules which have been put in place. There are rules for fidgeting and not sitting… Read more Is Creativity Being Stifled In Schools?

If you use this technique when setting goals, you will have a far better quality of life.


Goal setting is a valuable skill and is something which is needed in order to become successful. Whether they are short term goals or long term goals, if you have… Read more SMART Goals

Always support your peers!

Shout Your Blog Out!

When content creators gain some traction, they tend to forget their roots and stop helping other people and they start to become selfish. I vowed that when I began this… Read more Shout Your Blog Out!

There are patterns all around us and if we can identify these patterns especially in our day to day lives, the quality of life will improve drastically

Identify Patterns

Identifying patterns in life is a very good skill to have. You may be wondering, “How is knowing what the next pattern in a sequence going to help me in… Read more Identify Patterns

Thank you for all the support!


I cannot believe that I have reached this milestone – 800 followers! When I see the number of followers I have every day, I just can truly say that I… Read more 800 Followers!

Learn this method and you will be an active listener and pick up on more information

SLANT Listening

SLANT Listening is a technique which contributes to a student’s performance and enables them to take in as much detail as possible. SLANT stands for: Sit up Lean Forward Ask and Answer Questions Nod… Read more SLANT Listening

Analysing data will prove to be a useful skill in the future

Learn How To Analyse Data

We will all analyse data at some stage in our lives whether that be trying to find a certain topic using the contents page or looking at some tables at… Read more Learn How To Analyse Data

Plagiarism is something that you should never do as it promotes a bad mindset and someone who likes to take shortcuts.

Why You Shouldn’t Plagiarize

Plagiarism is something that we’ve all probably been tempted to do in one way or another. We should never plagiarize because there are many bad habits which can come when… Read more Why You Shouldn’t Plagiarize

I would like to thank everyone who has contributed and has shown love on any of my blog posts!

100 Blog Posts

Before I say anything, I would like to give a huge shout out to Joshua for reminding me that I have reached 100 blog posts. Please follow his blog and… Read more 100 Blog Posts

Problem solving is a skill which is required all around the world in every sector so if you become good in the art of problem solving, you will be much better off!

Problem Solving

Employers all look for problem solving skills. Whenever you have an assessment centre or you have to do tests online, they are looking at how efficient you are when it… Read more Problem Solving

In order to reach the highest of highs, we must be willing to overcome the lowest of lows.

Risking Failure To Reach Success

Success, for me personally, is not a destination but it is actually a journey. It is getting knocked down but having the courage and the fight to get back up… Read more Risking Failure To Reach Success

Reading has many benefits and we should all endeavour to read as much as we can

Benefits Of Reading

Reading is something which helps not only students but adults too. Everybody should try to read which can really help with many aspects of life. Everyone gets stressed. It is… Read more Benefits Of Reading

Asking good questions can open a lot of doors and can propel you into success.

The Benefits Of Asking Good Questions

You learn a whole lot more if you ask questions. This is not just true for the classroom but is also true for life in general. This is why children… Read more The Benefits Of Asking Good Questions

Listening to your students can really help both you and the student!

Listen To Your Students

I have written many posts aimed at students but this post is aimed at the teachers out there. Do not dismiss a student’s ideas in the classroom. Every teacher has… Read more Listen To Your Students

Do not do things which you don't want to do!

Peer Pressure

Never let anyone make you do things which you do not want to do. I have been subject to it in my earlier years and I’m sure a lot of… Read more Peer Pressure

This is the second time I have been nominated for this award and I am extremely grateful!

Liebster Award #2

I just want to say off the bat, thank you to Sherita  for nominating me for this award. I am very much appreciative of the fact that my work ethic and… Read more Liebster Award #2

Thank you to everyone who supported my blog!


It’s that time again where I write a post of celebration. I have accomplished an amazing milestone – 10,000 views. I only started this blog a few months ago and… Read more 10,000 Views!

Will doing homework be beneficial for the student or will it do more harm than good?

Is Homework Good For Students?

Homework can be deemed to be very good as it does consolidate the understanding of topics. When you do your homework and put all your effort into it and to… Read more Is Homework Good For Students?

Do people gravitate towards rewards and internal satisfaction or towards money and fame?

Intrinsic Motivation Vs Extrinsic Motivation

Motivation is ingrained in every single one of us. Some of us are motivated by money whilst others are motivated by being rewarded. Intrinsic motivation means doing something for the… Read more Intrinsic Motivation Vs Extrinsic Motivation

If you work hard as a team, then results will follow!

How Team Bonding Affects Performance

When your team chemistry is off the charts, then you will obtain amazing results and the environment will ultimately be a positive one. Having a good bond between the team… Read more How Team Bonding Affects Performance

This is something which affects so many people so I thought I would write a post on it.

Mental Health

When it comes to mental health, it is a very sensitive subject even for the strongest of individuals. Mental health is a real issue and there are so many men… Read more Mental Health

If you have ever wanted to know something about me or are just intrigued, then this is your chance to find out

Ask Me Anything You Like

This post is dedicated to you guys learning as much about me as you possibly can. I am opening up the floor for you guys to ask any question you… Read more Ask Me Anything You Like

Today, I look back on my posts and pick out my favourite post and why!

My Favourite Post

I always look to the future but for today’s post, I wanted to reminisce and look into the past to pick out my favourite post. I have written so many… Read more My Favourite Post