Adapt For Different Subjects

I don’t know how many of you do this anyway so I am just going to be addressing those students that don’t. You shouldn’t use the same study methods for different subjects. This is definitely not an effective way of learning. Firstly, it will make your revision repetitive and boring meaning that you will be less likely to do it and more likely to fail your exams. Secondly, how can you revise for a Maths exam the same way you would revise for an English Exam? It just doesn’t make sense! If you’re doing Maths, it makes sense to go over some questions and try and answer them. Maths is one of those subjects where if you want to learn Maths, you have to do Maths. For English, I would recommend using flashcards and post-it notes writing down all key terms and techniques with their definitions. For Sciences, definitely learn the key concepts. With the Sciences, you cannot score well in exams just by memorising facts and definitions. You have to understand the applications of the science because in the exam, they could ask you the same question in a million different ways so it is imperative that you know what you’re talking about. With the Sciences, they also like bringing in real-life applications so definitions will not help you with these questions but understanding key concepts most definitely will. Don’t neglect the definitions though because they occasionally ask for definitions in the exam so learn the definitions but don’t make learning the definitions as the foundation of your revision.

Subjects such as History require you to go through lots of notes and pick out key events. You need to understand every aspect of these key events and you have to know them in detail because the exam will want you to explain to great lengths about a certain point in time or about a certain historical figure. You must also know key dates and timelines of icons. As a summary, you must learn factual information for History to achieve the top grades.

If the subject you want to do really well in is a language, then there is a certain approach you must take for revision. To do well in writing the language, ask the teacher on common phrases which you can always slip in if you’re ever unsure. Know the structure of how to write sentences and make sure you know how to write and spell connectives in that language as this will make your writing more eloquent and detailed. In speaking the language, watch videos of people speaking the language and see how they pronounce certain words. Practice speaking the language also to feel more confident in it.

I hope this post helps you guys that are struggling with adapting your revision for different subjects. Keep me updated on how your revision is going and I am always here to help if you are ever stuck.


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