Be A Model Student

Now, I know this is very hard and it is not ‘cool’ to be a model student but this is what you must be in order to achieve the highest grade possible.

Whenever a teacher gives you homework, you should ensure to complete these in a timely fashion and make sure that the work is completed to the best of your ability. A lot of the time, students will halfheartedly complete their homework. The disadvantage of this is that if you need to look back at this homework for revision, then you won’t be satisfied because all the answers won’t be there. So that is why I strongly encourage you guys to complete all homework to the best of your ability.

Turn up to lessons on time and attend all of them. Believe me when I say that I paid the price for not turning up to lectures or missing a class in school. It just leaves you having to do more work in a smaller time frame and that is not what you want. Be immaculate when it comes to your time keeping and this will give you a good rapport with teachers.

Go above and beyond your normal duties as a student. Don’t just be a regular student. If you want to achieve the top grades, then you need to be doing work which a regular student will not do. One example of this is to help others on a topic you can clearly see they are struggling with. This will reinforce your knowledge on that topic and it also makes you a better human being which is always a good thing. I would always offer my help even if I had work of my own to do because kindness doesn’t cost a thing and it goes a long way in terms of your education and your grades.

If you like a particular subject and you know that you’re ahead of the class, then don’t just revise this subject more. Catch up on other topics that maybe you’re not doing so well on. Topics which you may be behind on even. A lot of students prioritise the work which they enjoy over the work which they are behind in because it seems fun. This is a big mistake! You need to be well-rounded in subjects and as a student to go for those top grades.

Be a model student and success will be achieved!

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