Be A Perfectionist

In order to do well in school, being a perfectionist will be sure to help you in your path to achieving the grades you want. Just to be clear, I am not asking you to be perfect and get 100% on every exam. No! I am asking you to go into every exam trying to be perfect, aiming to achieve top marks; to have the mentality that missing a mark is horrendous.

Having this mindset of being a perfectionist will help you in so many ways. When it comes to exams, you will achieve higher marks because of this mindset. For example, if you are a perfectionist, you will be aiming for 100/100. Therefore, you will be putting as much detail into every question and validating everything you are saying to ensure that you aren’t losing any marks. Whereas, if you weren’t a perfectionist, you would go into every exam being careless when you lose a mark or you wouldn’t check certain questions because you thought it was easy. These traits could be the difference between passing and failing a subject.

This mindset can be achieved through practice. Try and be a perfectionist in everything you do. This will allow this mindset to manifest and it will soon get to the point where you don’t even think about it any more. For me, when I was younger, I would strive to be a perfectionist when it came to board games. I hated losing even if I came close. So that mindset has stayed with me since then and I can honestly say that it makes you a much better person in general. You would help out your friends in any circumstance because you don’t want to see them down in the dumps.

So being a perfectionist doesn’t just stop in the classroom. It can be applied to all walks of life and it will help you in your education most definitely.

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