Be Persistent To Stay Consistent

When you revise and finally learn a topic after trying to understand it for so long, most students have a tendency to go on to the next topic. NO! This is not effective. After you have learnt a topic, then learn the next topic whilst, simultaneously, doing questions on the previous topic just to make sure that you don’t forget it. Just going from topic to topic will not do, especially for A-Levels because the content is structured in a way that you have to approach the questions more than once. After you have perfected this strategy, then you will be getting consistently good grades and you will be on top of the work. You will know when you have done this because you will have that self-belief feeling that you know the topic. This links in with my last post when I was talking about teaching other students because once you know the topic, you can solidify your understanding by teaching that topic to others. Also, once you have finished a specific section then do some summary questions on that section because once you have revised a lot of things, some knowledge is bound to have escaped your mind so just keep a lid on things by always going back to what you have learnt. As it states in the title, if you want to stay consistent then you have to be persistent.

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