Don’t Let Your Obstacles Break You

Throughout your life, you will be guaranteed to face adversity and have obstacles thrown at you from every angle. What you must not do is cower down to these obstacles. Instead, you must take it on the chin and keep moving forward.

Use these obstacles as a motivational reminder to yourself that you can do anything you put your mind to. Think of something you found really difficult years ago. Think about how anxious or nervous you were before doing that certain task or action. All the sleepless nights and worrying thoughts you had. I can almost guarantee that you’ve either forgotten about this or you have moved on from it and become a better version of yourself because of it.

Now, if you use this mentality for your exams and your education, you will go a long way. If you face a hard test, revise as much as you can and as efficiently as you can. However, don’t fret about it too much because a couple years down the line, you will not even remember it.

I guess what I am trying to say is that you should always go into every exam feeling prepared. Know that the exam will be an obstacle in your education. It will have curve balls thrown in there to put you off and to make you panic. But stay calm under pressure and keep composed under duress and everything will turn out just fine.

Let’s say you do all of the above and you still fail the exam. You have not failed in LIFE, remember that. Failing an exam does not dictate the success of your career or the amount of money you will make in the future. This may sound hard to believe but trust me, exams define memory rather than intelligence.

Perhaps you want to be an entrepreneur. You don’t need qualifications for that. Perhaps you wish to excel in a entry-level job. You don’t need qualifications for that. So, believe me when I say that there are many opportunities for you to become successful in life without the relevant qualifications. You just have to work hard to get to where you want to be in life.

I hope this post motivates all of you to put in the work in everything that you do.

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