Don’t Revise Long Hours

I want you all to understand the title before you read this blog post. I am not telling you to limit your revision. Rather, I am telling you to optimise your revision by keeping your brain fresh so that you can gather information in the most efficient way possible.

When you do revision, do not revise in large chunks. Break up your revision into time intervals which makes sense of how hard the topics you are learning actually are. Revise more hours for the topics you are struggling with and try not to revise as much the content that you already know. A technique I utilised was that I said that I was going to revise 2 hours for a hard topic and approximately 30-45 minutes for a simple one and I would always have breaks in between lasting about 30 minutes to an hour. This was my personal routine but, of course, you guys will have a different routine for your revision. Maybe you like spending less time on your break. Maybe you want to spend an hour on a simple topic instead of 30-45 minutes. Revise in a way where you feel fresh at the end of it.

Revising long hours is really bad because it will burn your brain out. Allocate days where you just rest and do no work at all because the best way to revise, like many things, is through rest and recovery. Do a lot of work one day and then rest and relax the next. Like I said before, don’t revise too long but at the same time, don’t slack off too much. You need to find the balance between work and free time to be most efficient at revision and it is when you find this balance that you will get the best version of yourself.

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