Find Resources

Resources are a very important part of learning new techniques given to you. They serve many purposes, one of which is the idea that if you don’t understand the concept when the teacher taught it, then maybe the resource you use whether that be a website, YouTube video or something else, will put a new spin on it in a way that you understand. Try to search for renowned websites that have gotten amazing reviews for your subject. Ask the teachers or fellow classmates if they know of any websites which could be incredibly useful for your subject. Websites were a resource that I used often during A-Levels because sometimes the teacher didn’t explain the concept in as much as detail as the exam was asking for, so I looked online and found some websites which were very detailed in their description of concepts. If you are doing Physics at A-Level, I would recommend YouTube videos are another resource which I personally didn’t use that much but it is definitely worth taking a look at, especially if you are a visual learner. Listening to an expert in your subject can prove to be much more beneficial than listening to your teacher who probably bores you. The experts, like websites, can tackle the question from a different angle and this different angle might be one that you like rather than how you were taught in school. I’ve noticed that for a lot of questions, there are many ways to get to the right answer. So as long as it makes sense, it should be fine to answer a question in a way that is different than the way your teacher might have taught it. But do check first with your teacher because the method shown might not be on the specification and therefore you will not gain any marks in an exam. Get Revising is an amazing resource for basically all subjects. It breaks down each subject into their exam board, topics and you can even choose which kind of resource you want whether that be mind maps, presentations on PowerPoint and many more. This is the resource I used the most and it definitely helped me in A-Levels.

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