Have The Right Mindset

I have written a post about not being afraid to fail which ties in perfectly with this post. So go check out that post first and then come back to this one. Having the right mindset when it comes to education is crucial. You need to be in the right frame of mind when preparing for an exam, when you are approaching an exam and when you are actually taking the exam.

You also need to go in with the right intentions when it comes to mock exams, topic tests and any other exams you may have along the way to your final exams. Every exam matters, even if the score doesn’t count towards your final grade. You need to approach every exam with the mentality that you will try and achieve top marks and any marks you do lose, it will be minimal.

When preparing for an exam, make sure you have covered all the topics. Put yourself in the best position to obliterate the exam. Revise the harder topics first and then go back to the easier ones so that every aspect of the exam you are about to take is covered and you know what to expect going in there.

When you are approaching the exam, don’t get nervous. This is easier said than done but treat the exam as if it’s questions you already know the answer to. Because you do. If you have put in the work, then you already know what to expect and the format of the questions you’re going to get. So why be all nervous and stress out? Be calm and take confidence in the revision you have done and the work you have put in.

Now, when you are in the exam itself, this is where your mentality can be the difference between a pass and a fail. If you approach a question which you are finding difficult, then spend a little bit of time trying to see if you can answer it and if you cannot, then leave it and come back to it at the end. Make sure that in your exam, every question is answered. Now you may be thinking, how can I answer every question if I don’t know the answer at all? For these kind of questions, write down anything related to the question. Maybe you had an idea in your head which you thought would answer the question but the process didn’t lead you to the right answer. This doesn’t matter, write it down anyway because you may get some marks for this. Also, make sure that you leave some time at the end so that you can check over your work for any mistakes you may have made. I cannot stress how important this is because it can save you lots of marks.

Always be positive when it comes to exams even when the exam itself is hard. Try and revise the smartest way you can and make sure you cover every topic that will appear in your exam. When it comes to the exam itself, take your time and remain calm. Answer every question, read over your work and reap the rewards of success!

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