Mock Exams

After doing some research, I have read about so many people who are feeling stressed because they did bad in their mock exams and they think that they will achieve the same grade for the summer exams.

You need to understand why teachers give mock exams which will put your mind at ease. Mock exams are there to gauge what stage you’re at in your knowledge of a particular subject. It does not determine the grade you will get for your final exam/s. Teachers use these mock results to know exactly which topics you are good at and which topics you struggle on. Now, the topics you’re good at, they won’t put as much focus on this because you’re already good at these said topics. However, when it comes to the topics you’re not doing so well on, the teachers will help you to get stronger so that when the time comes to do your final examinations, you will feel confident in these topics and therefore you will perform better. This will allow you to get the grades you are hoping to see.

Mock exams also help with your mindset before going into your main exams. Let me give you an example to make this point clear. Let’s say that you were slacking before your exams and you weren’t doing any revision. You want to achieve a grade 8 in Mathematics. You act all cocky and confident and you complete the mock exam in which you think you’ve done really well. Your results have come back and it seems that you’ve got a grade 5. Looking back at the paper, you see all the mistakes you made and you’re thinking, “How did I get that wrong? That’s such an easy question!” Whilst you’re complaining about the grade you got, a friend of yours who you don’t believe to be as smart as you is happy and bragging to everyone that he got a grade 8. Now you go home and revise everything you think you need to know for the exam and promise to never slack again as you know the consequences. So don’t feel down if you get a bad grade for your mocks. Use that as motivation to push harder and to knuckle down to make sure that your exams in the summer leave you feeling elated.

Use the mock exams to optimise your revision and to make it more efficient for you to get the best grade possible for your exams that actually count. Know that mock exams are there to help you, not to judge you or to put you down. You should always try your best for your mocks because it is only then that you will know where you’re at for each subject. If you don’t revise and you do bad on a specific topic that you think you know inside out, then you will not revise this topic for your main exams and it is likely that you will do bad on this topic. Whereas, if you revise properly for your exams, then you will know accurately which topics you are good at and which topics you are bad at and then you can plan your revision around this.

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