My GCSE Grades

This post will detail the grades I achieved for GCSE and I will explain why I got each grade. Some of the grades I achieved were calculated moves whereas others were simply due to me not performing the best I could be.


Further Mathematics – A* (To obtain this A*, I took advantage of exam techniques such as knowing the exam format and practicing questions from past papers to know what to expect. These techniques can all be found on the post ‘Know Your Enemy’.)

Mathematics – A* (A lot of you reading this must think that this was easy for me but it was not. I was one of a few students who took my Mathematics GCSE one year earlier than the rest of the students. In the end of this attempt, I achieved a grade A and I was 1 UMS mark off an A*. Let me clarify, 1 UMS mark is like a third of a mark so you can understand that I was not a happy man. So I had to retake my Mathematics GCSE at the end of Year 11 with everyone else. I must admit that I did not revise a lot for this exam because I knew I was naturally gifted in this subject and so I utilized my revision for other subjects that I was less confident with. I got 198/200 in the mock exam and I obtained 182/200 for my official Mathematics GCSE.)

Religious Education- A* (No way was I expecting to get an A* for this. We had tests during the term and I was getting C’s at best and sometimes getting F’s. Then, I remember specifically one day the teacher pulled me aside and said that I shouldn’t be getting those grades and that I should be getting the top grades. From then, I prioritised this subject in comparison to others in my revision. I will note that after I had done all the exams, I felt extremely confident because I answered in a way that I knew the examiners would like. This led to me achieving an A*.)

Physics – A (I was not very smart at Science although people seemed to think so. I always kind of rambled on and was getting marks. This is something I have said in numerous posts. If you don’t know an answer, write down something related to the question. This will at least make the examiners think of giving you marks. If it’s an explanation question, then write as many sentences as marks. So, if it is 6 marks, then aim to write 6 sentences or more if you’re feeling adventurous. This is what I did in addition to revising like a madman because I knew that Science wasn’t my strong suit.)

English Language and English Literature – AA (I achieved A’s in both English Language and English Literature. This was achieved through practice and repetition. You have to do so many questions to familiarise yourself with the questions for English as they are very similar and very long. Practice writing for a long period of time. Read books so that you’re more eloquent with your words and it flows easily so that it is easier for examiners to read your work. These are all things I did because from Year 7 to Year 9, I would say that English was not a subject I was comfortable with. I was probably a C/B student, if that. I just worked hard and revised smart using the techniques above to help be on par with the top performers in my year in English.)

History – B (This is a subject that I absolutely hated. I must admit, I was guilty of not revising for History because I just hated the look and the sound of it. If I had put my head down more, then I believe I would have achieved an A. The only reason I did achieve a B was because my coursework grade was an A and that pushed my overall mark up so I was lucky to even get a B. Oh well, I ain’t complaining!)

Spanish – B (Now, this was a subject that I loved. I loved speaking Spanish and writing Spanish. Not so much on the listening and reading. With writing Spanish, this was all about memory and my memory is not bad. So this aspect of the marks was easy and I achieved an A* or an A. It was moderated a few times so I’m unsure now which one I got. The speaking part of the exam again wasn’t too hard as the questions I was asked were quite basic. I know I got an A* on this part. The listening was quite hard because some of the people talking were native Spanish so you can guess how quick they were talking. The reading as well wasn’t too nice. I think I achieved a C in both of these aspects. So overall, it came to a B.)

Chemistry and Biology – BB (I put these two subjects together because they’re both Sciences and I hate Science. These two exams were close together and I remember dreading the exams even though I had done the best revision I could have done. I applied the exam techniques I had learnt and I answered every question. It was because of this that I achieved B’s in these subjects. Otherwise, who knows what I could have got?)

Physical Education – D (Now then, I know what most of you are going to say. Look at the size of you Kamran, of course you got a D. Haha, very funny! BUT I must confess that me achieving this grade in this subject was not entirely my fault. I was doing well in my practical assessments and was getting B’s. Then it came to my Cricket assessment. I was and still am very good at Cricket. Little did I know that the match would be assessed as a group. So if one person messed up, then it messes up the results of everyone else in that group. Long story short, someone messed up and everyone else’s marks got dropped. But I don’t hold grudges because I got a C in the exam anyway and I wasn’t fussed about this GCSE, luckily for that guy.)

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