My Routine

I am going to share with you how I revised and learnt topics during my A-Level studies which I hope will act as a helpful resource alongside your studies. This can be used for higher education too so feel free to read on even if you are not doing A-Levels.

I first learnt the content in class making notes along the way and when I say notes, I mean extensive notes. Then, after each topic had been taught, I would either try and find some topic questions online to do or I would ask the teacher to hand me some topic questions. This was done to solidify my understanding of that topic and to make sure that I knew it. After this, I would do the questions and if I got them all right, then it was happy days but if I got any question wrong, then I would try and find the model solution for it so as to make sure how to do that particular question again. I made sure that I was familiar with the exam techniques for each style of question so as to gain maximum marks. After I had learnt all the content, I would condense my notes so that it made sense to me and I would also leave out bits that wouldn’t be of any help come exam time. Then, inevitably, I did past papers but I did one or two using my notes so that I could do every single question if I looked at my notes. If I couldn’t do every single question, then I would add notes so that my notes covered every single question. I would then attempt all past papers using no notes and see how many marks I get. I would write down all the questions I found quite challenging on a separate piece of paper and when it came closer to exam time, I would just attempt these questions because why attempt questions that you know you can do?

During the beginning of the year, I never revised during my free periods but towards the middle, I started utilising my free periods and started to review my notes and started asking people to test me on certain things. I also had a superstition which I don’t think you’ll find helpful but maybe some of you can relate, maybe not. Whenever I went into an exam, I had to have a chocolate before the exam (it was always Kinder Bueno!) and during the exam, I had to have Lucozade Grafruitti. I don’t even know why but that was my exam routine. Hope this helps and let me know anything specific you wish me to cover regarding exams!

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