Negativity Into Positivity

This post goes way beyond the realm of the classroom but in order to be successful in both your education and your life, turning negativity into positivity is a mechanism which you will need to instil. This mindset alone will take you to places where you never thought you would go and it will aid you in achieving feats which you would never expect yourself to achieve.

Everyone has a story and a reason why they shouldn’t and can’t be successful. This is something you need to turn into a positive in order to achieve greatness. During my Maths A-Level, my revision was going great and I was on track to obtain an A*. However, the week of the two most important Maths exams, I became ill. I was bed bound and could not do any bit of revision for a week. I was having 30-45 minutes of sleep every night, tossing and turning in pain. I was vomiting everything I was eating and could only have some fluids. My energy levels were at an all time low and my teachers who once believed that I was the smartest started to doubt me. They were telling me that I can still pass the subject. In my head, I was thinking “What do you mean, pass the subject? I am not going to get a C! I will smash the exams and prove to everyone that even under adversity, I can still perform to the best of my ability.” And this is exactly what I did. I achieved an A for my Mathematics A-Level and it is still to this day one of my greatest feats I have ever accomplished. So this story alone should inspire you to turn any obstacles you have into a positive. One way of doing this is to be grateful for what you do have rather than think of what you don’t have. This will allow you to do any task with a positive mindset meaning that your head will be clear and free from negative energy. When you are free of negative energy, you’ll find it surprising how much more productive you can be.

Another way to create a positive environment is to surround yourself with people who will uplift you rather than drag you down. Be in the company of those who will congratulate you on all your accomplishments. This will make you love what you are doing and it is a known fact that when you love what you are doing, you are guaranteed to work harder in order to become successful. Avoid toxic people because it doesn’t matter how smart you are, you will eventually pick up their habits. We as human beings are creatures of habit and so being in the wrong environment for a substantial amount of time will change you in a negative way and people who once respected you will portray you as being toxic. If they are missing lessons and are egging you on to miss lessons too, have the strength to say no and to say that you care about your education. Do not have a ‘follow the crowd’ mindset or else you will regret it in the future. As a student myself, I would stay for study support, ask the teachers for extra work and more mock exams etc. I know other students would talk badly about me about this but I didn’t care. I knew what I was doing would benefit me greatly and in the end, it paid off.

Do whatever it is you have to do to become as positive-minded as you can. This will allow you to accomplish goals you never thought you could. It also allows you to develop grit which studies have proven to be a humongous factor in becoming successful. Stay positive and make your life and education a negative-free zone.

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