Predicted Grades Don’t Define You

Throughout the year, you will probably be getting topic tests and will be given predicted grades which is dependent on how good you do on these tests. Or you might get predicted grades just based on your performance throughout the term. Either way, you will be definitely getting predicted grades based on your current performance.

These grades, in my opinion, are useless. I wouldn’t even think about these grades when preparing for exams because they can limit you which is the last thing you want, especially at A-Levels. Let’s just say that your predicted grade for a certain subject was B and someone in that same class had their predicted grade as an A*. Now, after seeing these predicted grades, you’ll most definitely be thinking to yourself that you cannot perform as well as them and by having that mindset, you will limit your chances of getting the highest possible mark. I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again, always aim to get full marks on any test! So what if you’re predicted at a grade B or C or whatever? Aim for the highest possible mark. If people look down on you because they’re predicted higher than you, just push that to one side and focus on doing the best you can in every exam you do. Predicted grades could be damaging to your grades in another way too. Let’s say your predicted grade was an A*. Now, you’re going to be very happy with yourself and you might even fall in the black hole that is known as being complacent. I say black hole because when you get complacent, everything good gets sucked in like hard work, perseverance and most importantly, good grades. Don’t get complacent! Remember what you did to be predicted an A* in the first place.

On the whole I would say not to let predicted grades define who you are and control your emotions and always aim to get the top mark and if you fail in getting full marks, then you’ll be very close near the top which is a good place to be at. Just remember this quote, ‘Aim for the moon. Even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars!’

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