Remember The End Goal

To do well at A-Levels, you need to make everyday a productive day. This isn’t an easy task, so you may need some motivation to help you through each day. What helped me get through a day of A-Levels was the end goal. I envisioned what I was going to do in the future and thought “What could I do in the next 6 hours to help me get to where I want to be?” This is something which is effective because if you’re going to school thinking about being successful in the future, then how can you fail in the present? It’s impossible! The things you do in a day at school doesn’t even have to be major. Some of you are probably reading this and thinking that it sounds like too much effort to be doing in a day. It’s really not. You could research around some topics in class that you’re studying so as to familiarise yourself with the subject content. You could look for some websites that help with A-Levels and/or BTEC’s. Look at my post about resources to help with this.

The main thing I would say is to make notes in every lesson and when I say notes, I mean extensive notes. This is going to help you a lot when it comes to your exams. Also, later on in the year, I would say that you should look at exam questions and get some practice in before the actual exam. Do as many as you can and identify which topics you are struggling on. When you have done that, then ask the teachers for help so as to reduce you losing marks in that particular topic. After you are confident in that topic, do another practice exam and hopefully, that topic should be easier to approach. Repeat this process until you are confident in all the topics in your exam. The end goal is what will drive you to do well in your A-Levels. Envision yourself in your future career and you will see results when it comes to A-Levels. Alongside this, you need to obviously work hard and be persistent. Remember, A-Levels are not a measure of intelligence but of work ethic.

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