Take Attendance Seriously

Attendance is a very important aspect in your education and it will greatly benefit you to attend as many days as possible. Of course there will be some days you have to miss because you might be sick or you might have a doctors appointment etc.

The reason I am telling you to take your attendance seriously is because if you miss a day, then you will be behind on your education. There is no doubt about this. You will miss examples on a particular topic or you will miss a mock exam which has the same format as the real exam in the summer. Even if your friends tell you what you missed, it will not be enough to learn that content because it is always better to learn the content in person rather than have someone tell us what we missed.

If you do manage to miss a day or more, then plan how you will catch up. Ask for what was missed, if you had any homework that needs completing, if there was a really good example that you needed help on etc. Ask for as much as you can so that you can be kept up to speed. Missing a day or more will require you to put in work outside of school hours just to catch up. So you may have to sacrifice time out with your friends just to catch up on the work that all your friends already have done in the classroom. I can guarantee that you do not want to be one of those individuals sitting at home doing unnecessary work whilst your friends are out having a good time.

I cannot stress how much work I had to catch up on because I decided to miss a day or several. It is too much hassle trying to catch up with everyone else in the class and it just gives you a sense of panic.

Taking attendance seriously also sets you up to be well disciplined when you go to meetings or when you have an early/late shift. It will allow you to have that mentality of not missing any days off which will benefit you mentally and will also benefit your bank balance.

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