Teamwork Makes The Dream Work

In order to be successful in your education, you must be willing to work with others on certain occasions. Revising by yourself can only take you so far, you need the help of your peers to propel you to educational glory.

You must be thinking, “What are you talking about? I revise by myself all the time!” Well, so did I but occasionally, I would reach out for help in subjects that I was less confident with. Remember that teamwork doesn’t just mean all of you sitting in one room revising. Teamwork also means helping out through social media, sending over pictures of the homework so that your friend can understand it better etc. For me, teamwork is collaborative learning and this goes a long way in being successful not just in school but in life also.

If you have a free period and you’re stuck on something, don’t just skip over it and look at it later. First, see if anyone else has a free period who you think could be of assistance to you. Even if they’re not incredibly smart, a fresh set of eyes on a subject can really help you out as it will give you a different angle on the issue which maybe you weren’t quite seeing the first time. They might grasp a particular topic quicker than you which will help you out because it allows you to understand topics from people who are in the same shoes as you.

Use your revision time off school to go over the harder topics with your friends. Just message them whenever you’re struggling with something and I’m sure they’d be glad to help. If you still don’t understand the topic even after your friends or your peers have explained it to you, then go to the teacher for help. However, I want this to be the last resort for you. I want you to get away from the mindset of asking the teacher for help and I want you to first try and solve the issue yourself if possible. If you can’t resolve the issue on your own, then I want you to ask for help within your year group. If you still don’t know the answer after asking friends and peers, then go to your teachers for help. This is the process I want you to follow and it will definitely help you when approaching a difficult task.

Collaborative learning is a very effective way of dumbing down difficult questions and tasks. It is essential if you want to achieve those higher grades because some concepts will seem very difficult for you but doable for someone else. It is your job to ask these people for help.

I hope this post has brought value to you and helps makes your revision more efficient.

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