The Effect Of Social Media

I know a lot of students nowadays live off social media (me included!) but make sure that it doesn’t take over your life. I am on social media but I put in the effort to pass any exam that comes my way. If you are on social media, then just manage your time so that you are doing revision. If you know that you’re not going to be doing effective revision whilst on social media, then it may be a good idea to just stay off social media until you are confident in your subject or at least have made enough notes to learn from. However, if you know that you can stay on social media and smash your exams, then this post is not applicable to you. Just remember that your education, if you care about it and want good grades, should always take priority over your popularity on social media or the need to be on alert for the latest trends.

Use social media as a way to increase your knowledge in the subject you are doing. For example, talk to your friends about a particular question you are stuck on. Create a WhatsApp group chat so that you can all talk about how to pass your exams and the questions that are likely to come up on your exam rather than talking about other people. If you use the social media outlets and platforms as a way to learn more about your subject, you will be putting yourself at an advantage when it comes to the exam.

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