Time Management Is Key

Managing your time when it comes to A-Levels and even in higher education is probably the most important thing to get right if you want to hit those higher grades. You need to become a master in balancing your time on revision and on your studies in comparison with going out with your mates and playing on your consoles. A lot of students would favor going out with their mates over their revision or would rather play on their console than work on their studies. I like doing all of these things and playing football as well so I know firsthand that time management is very tricky indeed. What I would recommend is that you get up early on the weekends and do a lot of revision and work during this period. I also believe that you should use your free periods wisely to get some extra revision in. This will pay off in the long-term and will be the difference between getting an average grade and getting that top grade. I always get up early on weekends, well most of the time anyway, so I know that this is very effective and it allows you to do the fun things later on in the evening. Try and find your way of balancing work with other priorities and when you do this, you’ll see that you will take in more information and you’ll remember more so that you will be better equipped for the exam in hand.

Another form of time management that you must master is the time you have once you are in your exam. Let’s say your exam is 1 hour and you have two sections with the same amount of marks. Now, it would be ludicrous and illogical to spend 45 minutes on one section and 15 minutes on the other. Of course, for this type of exam, you should spend 30 minutes on each section but make sure to leave some time at the end so that you can thoroughly check your work for any mistakes you may or may not have made. My advice on timing for any exam is to have a plan BEFORE you enter the exam. Know how long you will spend on each section or each type of question. Before you have your exam, you will be familiar with the exam format and so I recommend you just thinking or writing down how you will approach the exam and how much time you will spend on every aspect of the exam.

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