Utilise Your Holidays And Time Off School

It is so easy just to relax when you’re outside of school because you feel like you have done enough work at school and that you deserve a break from it all. This mentality will only get you so far and it’s the people who do work even away from school who will obtain the higher grades. Yes, doing work outside of school way before exam season seems a bit extra but that’s what A-Levels are about and that is how you will get the grades that you want. The people who do well at A-Levels are the ones who go the extra mile so to speak when it comes to their education. You can’t just rest on your laurels and expect to get astonishing grades or even half-decent ones with A-Levels. It takes practice and you will not get enough practice during school hours so make the most out of the time you have away from school to try and grasp the key concepts in whatever subject you wish to revise.

Utilising your time away from school doesn’t always mean to revise like a maniac. If you have put in a lot of time and effort already before holidays and you want to use your holidays to relax and to wind down, that’s completely fine. The point I am trying to get at is that you should always ensure that you have revised in the most efficient way possible so that every aspect of the exam has been covered. Of course, you should always go over the content again and again to make sure that it sticks in your mind but don’t tire yourself out. If you know that by doing more revision, your brain is going to shut down then take the holidays to hang out with your friends or with your family.

Be smart and learn the balance between revising hard and resting your brain so that it can work at maximum capacity.

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