Your Health Is Your Wealth

You need to be healthy and stay healthy in order to do well for your exams. This means exercising regularly, getting enough sleep, eating proper foods, drinking enough water etc. What good is all the revision in the world if you can’t take your exam because you have food poisoning from a takeout you know you should not have eaten?

I was one of those students who would get ill a lot and it definitely hindered me in some points of my revision. I would be ill and then go back to school in a couple of days not knowing what the hell the teacher was talking about. Staying healthy is so crucial because you won’t miss out on any content and this will make it a whole lot easier for you to stay on top of the work. If you miss even one day, you will have to spend more hours trying to catch up with everybody else and that’s the last thing you want to be doing. However, if you are in this predicament, then utilize free periods and time at home to revise the content you had missed.

Before exams, look after your body and your mind the best way you can. Stay fit and healthy and focus on your exams. Remember, health isn’t just physical. It’s mental too. So don’t get worked up over a tricky question. Rather, ask for help from a teacher or a smart friend and they will be happy to help you out. If no one knows the answer, then move on because exams are marked in terms of UMS nowadays. This means that if there was a specific question or questions that people struggled on, they would take this into account for when they mark your paper. So you would not be losing out if you did not get this question right.

Overall, I would say to keep fit, strong and healthy both physically and mentally. Try and eat proper foods and just stay on top of the work from the very beginning so you don’t get stressed out over it.

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