Get Enough Sleep

Make sure that you are getting enough sleep each night. This does not only apply to the night before your exam but for every night. This is because by getting enough sleep each and every night, you will adopt a routine which will prove to be beneficial when it comes to your exams.

Don’t cram revision late into the night. This is because all the information you are trying to revise in this time will not be retained efficiently. So what is the point of losing sleep over information you’re going to forget? It will also hinder your sleeping pattern which not only affects you for that day but can also affect your sleeping pattern for months. This will not be conducive to your health or to your ability to get good grades.

I understand that you may have deadlines or you may have multiple exams coming up soon. My advice for this is to prepare well in advance. When the teacher tells you of homework or a test etc, make a note of it and then make a note of how and when you will prepare. Make sure you stick to this plan and you don’t keep holding it off. This technique will allow you to keep on top of your work and will enable you to get enough rest every night so that you are fresh for the morning after. You never want to wait until the last minute because something else might come up and this will interfere with your schedule hence there will be more chance of you cramming it all in the last minute.

Some of the most rich and successful people in the world have an allocated time for sleeping. Mark Wahlberg is a very successful actor who also owns a share in the UFC and he goes to sleep at 7:30pm! There are many other successful individuals who have an allocated time to rest. This is because they know the importance of sleep and how having the right number of hours of sleep can improve brain efficiency and boost brain memory.

Sleep is very important and you should be getting enough of it in order to succeed in your exams. Every one has a different body clock. That is why I haven’t suggested how long you should sleep for. You know your body and you know how long is enough sleep for you to perform at your best.


  1. Getting enough sleep is very important to functioning well during the day. There is a time and place for partying and taking your mind off an upcoming exam; the magic Friday night!

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