Use Your Time Wisely

Time management is a crucial skill in order to succeed in your upcoming exams and in education in general. You need to know how to allocate your spare time so that it is efficient and will put you in the best position to conquer your exams.

One example of utilising good time management is when you are looking at the weight of each one of your modules for each subject that you may be doing. For example, if one module contributes to 75% towards your final mark, then it makes sense to spend more time on this than on a module which contributes 10% to your final mark. Little tricks like this will make your revision more efficient and will prepare you for life after education too.

You need to have good time management skills when it comes to exams too. Be prepared before the exam begins so that you know how long you are going to spend on each question/section. This will ensure that you remain calm and composed during the exam because you will know if you are ahead of time or if you are falling behind. If you are ahead, take time to look over your answers and see if there is anything you can add or if there is anything you might have missed. If you are behind, try to get back on track by answering questions faster because the goal is to get an answer for every question. Have an allocated time slot for each question and you will always be prepared in advance.

Time management is not a skill that is just used for education. It is a skill that you will take with you into the job that you eventually get. So it is best to adopt this trait early on so that when you do get a job or an apprenticeship etc, you will already know how to manage your time effectively. This will allow work to be easier and if the work you do is easier, then this will alleviate stress.

Time management is a skill which you should adopt in every aspect of your life in order to succeed. For education, you need time management for your revision and for your exams. For life, you need time management skills nearly every day. Maybe you need to meet your friend at a certain time. Perhaps your manager has given you a task to do in a time frame. Whatever the case may be, time management skills will make you a better person all round.


  1. It is easy to ignore time and mess around on your phone when you are not made to focus in a classroom environment. I used to check my social accounts when I should have been doing other things and that led to guilt. Allotting time for everything I have to get done in a day rids me of guilt and instead leads to satisfaction when I get something done ON time.

    • It most definitely is easy to kind of get distracted especially now with technology and how much we use it.

      We need to understand that deadlines are a part of life and we should always make use of the time we have to be productive

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