Don’t Look Too Far Ahead

Always endevour to be at your best in the present. This will stop you from going into the mentality of “I’ll do this tomorrow. Exam is a month away, I can afford to relax”. Every day you skip revision is another day where you could have done effective revision and put yourself in a better position for your exams.

A lot of students will often think too far ahead and will slack in the present. An example is if you are a predicted an A in a particular subject. You will look into the future, namely results day and will think of getting that A. This will make you become complacent because you will not be putting in the work in the present to achieve that A grade. Make sure that no matter what you’re predicted or what you think you’re going to get, you always put in 100% so that you will not be disappointed and full of regret come results day.

The opposite scenario can also cause a problem for your grades. If you are predicted a D or you think you will get a D, then you may fall into the trap of revising just enough to get that grade. You need to be pushing yourself to obtain higher grades. Just because you are predicted a D does not mean that this is the grade that you will get. It all comes down to the work and effort that you put into it. Work hard in and around school time for the best results and I guarantee you that no matter what you get, you will be happy with your grade because you know that you tried your best.

Another thing I wanted to talk about in this post was jobs. Students tend to think that they know what they’re going to be when they grow up. Believe me when I say that your career will have ups and downs and you may find yourself in an industry that you are not even thinking about now. So to all you students that say “When am I ever going to use this in life?”, I tell you that you don’t quite know if you will or will not use it. So focus on every subject and try your best to obtain as much qualifications as you can.

This gives you the choice of any job that you fancy. The alternative is having that negative mindset that I was talking about and not achieving certain qualifications. Then, when you read the job criteria and you see that you are not eligible, you will instantly feel a huge wave of regret wishing that you performed better in school.

So, take my advice and put your head down in every subject. Focus on the present and taking it day by day. Give 100% and I am confident that no matter what results you get, you will be happy.

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