Focus On The Process, Not The Outcome

Students are always thinking about the final exams. It is an obsession which fills the mind of every student constantly. I mean, of course you are going to stress about the exams. You wouldn’t be human if you didn’t. However, this doesn’t mean that you should constantly think about it.

Take your educational life day by day. Think about how you can grasp a certain topic or how you can improve on your writing skills. Maybe you need to have a better approach when it comes to exams. None of these things are resolved by you stressing out about the exam. You need to put in the work to get better at these things and it is only then that you become a better student. Focus on how you will improve rather than what you think you’re going to get. This will give you the mentality of becoming a better version of yourself every day. If you know me, then you know that one of my core beliefs for becoming a better student is learning every day and being smarter than yesterday.

I will use some athletes as examples because this will be easier for you to understand. If you think about someone like Floyd Mayweather – a notorious retired boxer with a record of 50-0. If you listen to him speak about how he prepared for his fights, he would always say that he treated it like a job. “Just another day in the office” is a common phrase he would say for fight night. What he means by this phrase is that he puts in the work beforehand and when I say work, I mean intense workouts and crazy schedules. This is what I am asking you guys to do. If you put in the work before your exams, then your mentality will change from “I’m so stressed for the exams” to “I know I’ve put in the work and I’m ready for the exams!” This mentality shift will not be immediate but it will come with time.

Venus and Serena Williams are domineering forces in Tennis. Their mentality has been the root of all of their success. They have said on numerous occasions that they never really think about winning or losing on the day. They play each shot as it comes and they think about all the shots they practiced to see which shot will outdo their opponent. Let’s relate this back to education. Think of the match as the exam and practice as your revision. The Williams’ sisters say themselves that it is the practice they have done already that sets them up for winning in the match. Translating this to educational terms, your revision is what will set you up for success for your final exams. Treat your revision with as much care as they do and you too will find success!


  1. That works for students and in adult life. If you work very hard on the process then the outcome will probably turn out good, or if it doesn´t well you try again.

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