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If you want to go to university, then this post applies to you. Choosing the right university is very important for your success.


There are many factors which go into picking the right university for you. One of the main ones is location. Do you want to live at home and go to a university that is close to you or do you want to move out? Maybe you want to go to a different city or even a different country to attend university. Do you want to go to a prestigious university with very good connections or do you want to go to a local university and just get a degree at the end of it? What I would recommend is for you to write down location somewhere and just make notes on the pros and cons of moving away or staying at home. Think about this deeply because you are going to be at university for a minimum of three years so you need the journey there to be convenient.


The cost of where you will be staying will also be pivotal in choosing the right university too. If you’re staying at home, then think about the costs incurred travelling to your university. Go to your university and find out which is the best route and which route will cost you the least amount of money. If you are adamant in living in university accommodation, then think about how you will live off your own money and food. Look into the accommodation near the university. Do you want to be close to the university or do you want the cheapest stay? If you want to go to a different city or abroad, then take this into account also. Cost will be something that you will need to think about throughout your stay at university.

Research Your Subject

You need to do a tonne of research on the subject you wish to do at university level. Ask around and see if anyone else has done your subject to gain a better insight. As well as your subject, research on the university. Is the university you’re going to well known for teaching your subject at a high standard? What percentage of students doing your subject at your preferred university go on to get jobs in that sector? What is the pass rate? Look at university league tables to determine if the university you’re going to is really good at teaching your subject. Maybe there is a local university which is better at teaching the subject you want to do.

Talk To Career Advisers

This is something I wish I had done before attending university. Talk to people before you go to university to see if your degree can actually take you places. Are employers looking for graduates in your chosen field? Career advisers can help you with this and offer you support along the way. It doesn’t have to be career advisers. It can even be your teachers but talk to someone regarding your subject and if it opens doors in the future.

University is not something which everyone will be interested to do. Some of you may want to do apprenticeships or go into an entry level job. Both of these alternatives are absolutely fine and they each come with their own pros and cons. Take a lot of time thinking what is right for you and then do what is best for you because when it is all said and done, this is your future!


  1. Hello, i see what you mean, when you said about the same time😂👊The choice of university can distroy our life and to change it in the best way ever, thank you for sharing information🌸🤗

    • Haha, I always upload a blog post on my lunch break at work and I always look forward to reading your blog post too. Thank you for commenting and I cannot wait for your next post 🙂

  2. Since I graduated long time back I don’t know much about current universities. What I have seen is that private universities charge a lot of fee. Their faculty and courses may not be good, unless one joins the likes of BITS. Government universities are less expensive still I doubt about facilities available that makes a student job worthy. It is important that students should choose a course that will allow them to start their own business, if not now, ten years down the road.

  3. I find this an honest blog on topics of interest to students. You take a friendly approach, addressing pros and cons. I wish you much success w/ your book!

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