Extracurricular Activities

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Taking part in after school activities will definitely contribute to your success in school. It takes your mind off exams and will give you a sense of accomplishment which is very much needed in your school life.

Going to different clubs will definitely instill the ability to learn something new and this will translate to educational success. When you attend a club such as football, you are learning new things and new skills every day. This feeling of going from the bottom to the top will be there when you are in the classroom also. It will allow you to be prepared for whatever the subject throws at you and it gives you a positive mindset when learning something that is difficult.

Another reason for going to after school clubs is to stay healthy and to stay fit. You need some sort of exercise in order to stay healthy and going to different clubs, sports clubs namely, will definitely help with this. When you do go to these clubs, don’t just be passive and not take part in the activities, be active and put 100% in the club to ensure that you make the most out of it.

Competition and the feeling of adrenaline is why students decide to take part in after school clubs. This is a very good reason because the feeling of competition and the feeling of winning will definitely help a students’ mindset. Even if you lose, you will learn a lot of lessons and it will remind you that you may not know all the answers but you should always persevere to try and learn as much as you can. Competition will give you that inner drive to succeed. If you can transfer this drive to your education, then this will help with your success in the classroom.

The social benefits of going to extracurricular activities is humongous and will most definitely have a positive effect on your education. Whilst going to these clubs, you should always endeavour to interact with as many people as possible because this is how you create contacts. Maybe playing with someone turns into you guys having a revision session. You will be able to help each other out in both fields and this will be beneficial for both parties.

Treat your extracurricular activities as being something that can help with your education and you will see improvements in your grades.



  1. I agree with you on the benefits of participating in extra curricular activity. Not only one stays healthy, if the activity is sports, professional possibilities also go up. Many a time a good sportsman earns more than an average academicians.

  2. You are absolutely right! Thank you for commenting. Share this blog with everyone and on all platforms. I want as many people to benefit from this as possible.

  3. Very nice, thanks for sharing this, my oldest son is going next year to high school, so I’ll be definitely checking your blog for answers

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