Project Based Learning

Project Based Learning Picture

Project based learning is where you are given tasks to complete to solve real world problems. Sometimes the projects are very easy and on other occasions, the project will take up a lot of your time and your solution may just be an educated guess.

These are very important to prospective employers because it shows that you have experience in the kind of things that you will be doing once employed. In these projects, you will be given real world problems to solve. Take these serious and try your best to find a solution and to have an active part in the process. This will give you vital skills that employers look for in an ideal candidate including: experience working in group activities, communication skills, team working skills and many more.

Project based learning is something I highly recommend you put on your CV, on LinkedIn or both. It is an experience which employers seek out and those candidates with this kind of experience who can talk about it and how it relates to the company they are applying for will be favoured over those who do not have this kind of experience. So if an employer asks you something alongside the lines of, “What have you done either in education or in another aspect that can help you with this job role?”, you will be able to draw upon those experiences immediately and this will impress the interviewer.

I have had my fair share of project based tasks and I have always spoken highly of them when I have been in an interview. It is very easy to talk about something you have done and to relay this to the interviewer. It also allows you to build a rapport with the interviewer and something you can really bond over. When talking about these experiences, always talk about what you did to help solve the issue. Don’t just say that you did projects, say what your role was and emphasise this to really wow the interviewer!

The whole point of taking part in project based learning is to get used to how work will be when you get a job. It allows you to get used to the components of a job such as: time keeping and sticking to deadlines, multi-tasking, working in a group and completing tasks in a timely yet sophisticated manner. You taking part in project based learning will allow you to easily adapt to the work lifestyle and you will be able to impress your future employer with how you’ve taken to the job like a duck to water!


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