Technology In School

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Technology is the new wave and is being implemented in schools to aid students with their education. It is a topic very much up for debate as some people believe that it will help students whilst others believe that technology just makes students more lazy.

Pros of Technology 

  • There are many upsides to having technology in school. It allows students to follow what the teacher is doing on their own devices. This in turn improves engagement levels and students will most definitely take part in lessons where technology is involved
  • With technology, you can set up tasks on their device. This gives students the initiative to work on their own. This will give them a skill which employers look for; to work on their own when given a task.
  • It promotes collaborative learning as much as it promotes individual learning. You can set up quizzes on the computer and the students will both engage in the conversation and learn something new.
  • If you allow students to use technology in the classes, you will be able to give them more resources than if you just gave them work on a piece of paper. Resources in this day and age are all found online and if you promote this in the classroom, students will more likely visit these resources and learn information from it.


Cons of Technology

  • The main con of technology is that it can prove to be a distraction. Students will be looking at their laptops and their technological devices rather than listening to the teacher and retaining valuable information.
  • The introduction of technology in the classroom can adopt a cheating mentality as there are many answers on the internet. So some students will look at these technological devices and will want to find the answer rather than work it out themselves and this will be bad for them when they go into a job.

I believe that there are both cons and pros to technology. It just depends on how it is used by the students and how the teachers promote it within their schools.


  1. I love resourceful employees and coworkers!! I wouldn’t be too concerned with anyone looking up an answer online. I’d give them credit for knowing how to find a good answer! 😉

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