Interview Tips

Tips to help you smash your interviews and get closer to that perfect job!
Tips to help you smash your interviews and get closer to that perfect job!

Interviews are very important when it comes to landing any job. You need to know how to be able to be confident for these interviews and you need to know the do’s and don’ts of an interview.


  • Before even attending the interview, you should always do research. Research about the job, the format of the interview, the company, what their process is like, what they’re looking for etc. Also look at people who have done the interview before and the tips they have.
  • On the day of your interview, get all the timings down. If the interview is early in the morning, then probably do this the day before. Just do this when it will be fresh in your mind. Know how to get to the interview venue. Know how long it will take you to get there and prepare for delays so make sure you get there early as this will leave a good impression for the interviewers and the people in the company in general. 
  • When the interviewer calls your name, give him/her a strong and firm handshake. Smile and if they ask for your name, say it in a polite and friendly manner. 
  • Dress appropriately to follow the dress code. If it’s casual, dress casual but if it’s business wear, then wear something which someone in a professional environment would wear.
  • During your interview, make sure your posture is good and is business like.
  • Keep good eye contact with the interviewer at all times. I’m not saying to stare at them but talk to the interviewer as if you are having a general conversation.
  • Build a rapport with the interviewer. This means to build a good relationship with them. If you find the opportunity, then delve into your personal life and see if you have any common interests with the interviewer. This will make the interviewer aware that you’re confident and comfortable when talking with other people. 
  • For most questions, use the STAR technique. This means Situation, Task, Action, Result. Start off your answer by saying what the situation was. Then state the task you were given. After this, tell the interviewer what action you took to successfully complete the task or to help progress the task. Finally, state the result of your action and how this helped everyone. This is a technique which interviewers will immediately recognise and they will write this down as something you done good in the interview.



  • Do not use slang terms when in an interview. This will put off the interviewer and will send a message to them that you cannot act professionally.
  • Do not slouch or look as if you are not interested. At the end of the day, you are looking for a job so act and look professional. 
  • Do not be late for an interview. The interviewer may be nice about it and say “Oh, it’s okay, don’t worry about it” but I can guarantee you that they will note this down and this will be used against you when they are selecting the best people for the job. 
  • Do not just slate people in your answers. For example, if the interviewer asks you “What obstacles have you overcome?”, do not have as your answer, “Someone in the office was being irresponsible and I had to pick up the pieces” or something along those lines. Interviewers will think that you’re very judgmental which is not a trait they want their employees to have. 


These are the do’s and don’ts I believe will put you in the best position to be successful in a job interview. If you are still stuck after reading this blog post or you know of any other do’s and don’ts then feel free to comment below or just drop me an email .


  1. Always be nice to people in the elevator, or on the stairs, and the receptionist and Human Resources personnel too! Anywhere around the office you might come into contact with your potential coworkers or managers!

    Also, don’t ask how soon you can take a vacation or that sort of thing. Leave questions about pay or benefits to HR. Think of every answer from the employers perspective before you answer. It’s fine to ask clarifying questions.

    Grand article! ❤️🦋🌀

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