Can Education Make You Rich?

What do you attribute being rich to? Is it education or is it something more meaningful?
What do you attribute being rich to? Is it education or is it something more meaningful?

Some people believe education to be the root of all success. Others believe that it is only after you leave education that you are free and this is where success comes from.

Skills coming from education

There are many people (including myself!) who are adamant in believing that there are many lessons learned throughout your education that set you up for the real world. An example of this is waking up early for school. This instills discipline which is a trait that you take with you if you are aware of the benefits of waking up early.

Time management is also a skill you acquire whilst in your education and this is one of the most sought after skills by employers. It is a skill which can make you successful regardless of the type of job you find yourself in. Entrepreneurs all have this trait and they will all say that time management is crucial in becoming successful. Floyd Mayweather utilizes every minute of every day to dedicate himself to the sport of boxing which is why he retired undefeated. To learn more about the benefits of time management, then read my blog post. 

In education, you have many different subjects or many different modules which you will have to handle at one time. The ability to do well in numerous subjects/modules is a form of multitasking. This concept of multitasking is definitely needed to become successful. You may need to do many things in your job in order to do a good job or you may need to have multiple tabs open whilst working at home. There will always be different aspects in your job and you will need the skills to adapt to different situations in order to be successful.

Education does not coincide with success whatsoever!

Many people have a firm belief that education plays no part in success whatsoever. It is their belief that it is only when you get out of education that you are free and you are able to be creative. They also believe that education actually stints your creativity and will hold you back from being successful.

They will implore that education is nothing but a test of your memory rather than set you up for the real world. There are no lessons in how to handle money, budgeting etc. This is the part I agree with and I do agree with the fact that schools should endeavour to teach children about the real world and real life scenarios they might find themselves in.

Everyone will have an opinion on whether or not education plays a role in being successful in life and I am sure that it is a debate that will be held between friends for a very long time.


  1. Dear Kamran,
    The purpose of education is to give you information, then it is upto us to convert that to knowledge. And knowledge must be encashed into various ways to achieve the “Purpose of Life”! Today’s education doesn’t provide all that you are looking for, and on the contrary it provides what you pay for. It’s a biggest tragedy of today’s times.

  2. Is information (education itself) knowledge?

    No! experience is knowledge!

    What is more important? Imagination or knowledge?

    Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be to know and understand.

    Albert Einstein

    What one thing has helped me the most to succeed in my careers in the USAF and as a computer consultant at the US State Department?

    Doing not just my job, but more importantly doing the unexpected!

    Doing my job helped me keep my job.

    But doing the unexpected at my first and subsequent projects got me noticed and put me on a fast track from entry level programmer to Program Director. And I never had one course in computer science at the college/university level.

    Just an old, retired man examining his 45+
    years of work and life experiences! Rightly or wrongly!

    • Absolutely love this comment! Imagination is something that will definitely help and further anyone’s career. Thank you for sharing this ☺

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