Can Education Change Society?


The effect of education on society is a topic which is hugely debated. I will delve into this topic in this blog post.
The effect of education on society is a topic which is hugely debated. I will delve into this topic in this blog post.

I believe that education definitely has an impact on society and how we perceive both ourselves and everyone around us. I would say that education is the first time you notice cultural differences and what other people’s views are.

Education helps to integrate students from different backgrounds. It enables us to take part in group activities with others who are completely different to ourselves. Some may have a different financial background to you, others will have personal issues etc. In this case, education does help bring people from all backgrounds together.

Depending on the type of school you go to, education can help reduce violence. Now, there are some schools in which it is not disciplined enough so students can get away with this type of behaviour. Most schools I know of do have rules in place to help deter students away from violence and crimes. I know that in the USA, there are many stories of children bringing knives to school or shooting in classes. So education definitely has an impact on society in regards to crime rates.

The main benefit of education is that it gives people hope for the future. If you do well in your education, it will open up so many doors if you allow your mentality and your mindset to take you far in life. Most people will shun off education completely and then complain down the line why their life hasn’t gone the way they wanted it to. Put 100% into your education and you will reap the rewards in the future.

There are many aspects of education that can help grow your network. One of these may be educational trips. If you meet someone on one of your educational trips, then take action and try to make as many contacts as possible. This will be very beneficial in the future. Going to after-school clubsΒ can also have similar benefits if you look at them in a professional manner.

Education definitely has an impact on society for every single student. It is up to you to decide whether that impact is a positive one or a negative one.


  1. Wise post. Education is the most important and language learning. It opens children the path to a better life, choice of place of work and the state in which they want to live.

  2. I am all for home schooling and self education, and I spent 15+ years working in Higher Education! And got a couple degrees. Excellent article! β€οΈπŸ¦‹πŸŒ€

  3. Kamuran-san,
    This is Simple10….I could reach you through some messages at η”Ÿγγ‚‹ε‘Ύγ•γ‚“.
    Your blog looks very nice!

    Yes, Education can change societies, I believe.
    However, I don’t know what the ideal purpose of Education is.
    I believe you are so smart to define differences in educational activities from “missionary” and “propaganda”.
    You could enlighten or educate me!

    Thank you,

  4. Great post Kamran.

    I likewise believe in the transformational power of Education and the many doors of opportunity it could open in the future.

    The only downside is when people pursue education for the sole purpose of securing white collar (professional 9am – 4pm types) jobs) while neglecting self or personal development all along.

  5. Education continues throughout life if one is to be successful. Every day we should strive to learn new things and new ways to make the world a better place. It’s not just about facts and figures, but how to interact with others in a positive way.

  6. Kamran i definitely believe what you are trying to convey here.
    Am new to this and anyone reading my comment visit my site and read my posts (they are similar to this).

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