Can School Cause Stress?

Being in education in general definitely causes stress to every students' lives in one way or another.
Being in education in general definitely causes stress to every students’ lives in one way or another.

When it comes to education in general, the expectation to perform definitely has its toll on every student. It is down to the student to manage their workload, revise efficiently etc.

Stress can creep in to a student’s life at any moment in time. The more organised the student is, the better prepared they can be for it but a student can never fully prepare to avoid stress in their educational lives. It comes hand in hand with education because you are expected to do so much and recall so much information.

The mindset and mentality of that individual are very important when dealing with stress. If an individual has a very strong mindset, then their level of stress will be far less than an individual whose mindset is not as strong. You must learn to fail and to embrace failure when it comes because during education, you will definitely fail at one point or another. It is how you come back from this failure that defines who you are and will dictate the level of stress you allow to affect you.

Cultural and family background also plays a massive part in stress during education. Some families are very traditional and would love for their children to go to university and in order to do this, they must first do well in school. This will bring an extra layer of stress to the student’s lives and so this will have a cumulative effect which can break anyone down.

I cannot give you an exact remedy in overcoming stress because this comes hand in hand with not only education but life in general. Every individual has their own way of dealing with stress. I just hope that everyone who is in education and even those of you struggling in life overcome your struggles. Reach out to people who care about you. If you know someone who is struggling or you’re concerned for their well being, then message them and ask how they are. Let’s all help and have a positive influence on those around us!


  1. I think society undermines how stressful school can be. You’re almost expected to just get on with it. In the Uk there’s people who commit suicide because they find their degree too stress. Glad you’ve opened up dialogue on this issue! Thank you

    • You will know first hand, if you could guide them to this blog (, it will make both your life and the students lives a whole lot easier.

    • I completely agree with you, that is why I want to help out and do my part so students can read my blog and have a positive outlook on life and education. If you could share my blog on all platforms, that would be much appreciated as it benefits a lot of people

  2. Excellent post
    I’ll be directing my year 11’s to this to help them overcome the stress they are going through in this busy exam period. A very important topic.
    Thank you

    • Stress is alive in every student’s lives. You’re very welcome, please share with your student and with the entire school so they can learn lessons

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  4. Hey Kamran! I am getting constant likes from you on my comments on different blogs. I will appreciate if read my posts and let me know your views on that!

  5. Hey…… Each word in your blog is a big truth…… I am also a student i overcome stress by the way of listening my fav music’s………. Great post brother……..👌👌👌

  6. Education is according to where you live. Each country has its education system. Then there is an economic question. More stability, better teaching. So the student has different kinds of stress. The only certainty is that today’s youth receive pressures from all sides. At home by parents, lack of opportunities to study, student bullying. In short, the task of today’s parents is very hard. If they are not prepared to solve their children’s problems, things get complicated for the student. An interesting and very topical topic. Good for your initiative and is well exposed. Greetings.

    • I agree with everything you have raised. Each and every country comes with their own pros and cons. Thanks for reading, always look forward for your input 😊🙏

  7. Hello Kamran…Life at every stage of our existence is complicated. In this world, good and evil coincide. This truth can be detected in new born babies and carried forward to the oldest human being alive. Sooooo….until mankind realizes this and begins to confront and deal with the dichotomy of the two forces he/she will be stressed, miserable and confused. Parents, teachers and others in authority who want to ‘train up a child in the way he/she should go’ should incorporate in their teaching this principle: “Life for (human beings) ain’t no crystal stair”…says poet Langston Hughes. There will be some rough and stressful times while living here on earth…learn to deal with it through prayer, meditation, forgiveness and love. But most of all, in all thy getting…get an understanding! For information on how to accomplish and tackle life’s journeys, check out my website “Conversations With God Using Scripture”. (By the way, thanks for your ‘likes’ on comments I make on other people’s blogs.)

  8. Schools are stress factories. Totally unnatural boxes that we put same age little folks into, punish them for creativity, defending themselves and about anything else, and teach them a ton of things they will never use, while making them feel bad if they do not comply with our whims, or the latest curriculum.

    • I do agree with this to some extent. If you can take lessons out of school and apply it to the real world, then there can be long term benefits. If you utilise education, then it can turn out to be an invaluable asset. Thanks for commenting

  9. Students might as well get used to stress as it is part of the rest of their lives. Just like competition, it is part of life so why try and shelter them from it.

    • Yeah I agree but at the same time, school should have classes which helps them in the future and some classes cause students stress for no reason,

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