Are Exams Bad For Students?

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We know the benefits of exams but can exams actually damage an individual?

There can be an argument to say that exams are detrimental for students. The result of a failure can hinder and can mess with anyone’s mind if you let it affect you.

In the current society, mental health issues is a real problem. The fact that students take exams when they are feeling low from doing so much revision does not help this situation. In fact, it often makes it worse. Students feel like they’re worthless and they are not going to be where they want to be.

This issue can affect everyone no matter how strong they are. There has been a huge rise in issues such as self-harm and mental health in general. Studies have shown that these issues come as a direct result from education, revision and exams. This makes a lot of sense because when you go through your educational lives, especially during exam season, you have a lot of expectation and pressure on you to perform well. This can send you in a spiral of feeling down and out. In these situations, you need to have the mentality that you will do well and that there is a light in the end of the tunnel. Being successful in life does not come down to passing a certain exam.

There are many physical effects that come with examinations as well as mental issues. A lot of people suffer from weight loss during exam season because they miss meals just to revise. This is not recommended because when you go into your exam, you will feel very weak and you will not be able to perform at your best. So what is the point of doing all that revision if you can’t perform at your best for the final exam? There is none! Stay healthy, keep fit and prepare efficiently for your exams.



  1. Exams are definitely good, but the biased examiners, and those who compiled results, those who conduct interview are not.
    Students wouldn’t be worried for exam or result if there wasn’t any biasness.
    I faced that biasness and worried for my next exam.

    • Yeahh, that is definitely true. There comes a point after doing so many exams that the brain is able to learn more efficiently. I believe I have touched upon this in my post ‘5 reasons why exams are important’

  2. The whole point of having exams is to train our minds for challenges, and on a larger scale identifying our weaknesses, our strengths, and then being able to work on our weak points.
    (View coming from a student who is going to give exams very soon!)

    • 100%. It is all a learning process at the end of the day. Check out my other post called ‘5 reasons why exams are important’ because this topic is discussed in that post

  3. This is the first post I’m reading from you, and I already find it relatable.
    I second all your thoughts about the Examination, in not taken well by an individual, might harm them.
    Exams are definitely good, because challenges are what it takes to grow.
    But the fact that the heap of expectations and pressure builds so much that it counters the sole purpose of exams.
    If taken in the wrong sense by a student, burdened with fear (that I myself have witnessed, giving my final high school exams this year) the purpose of these exams gets lost.
    But it’s a long way to realise that efforts are required to eliminate the stigmas related to exams.
    Even though that pressure would overpower one at many times, but exam days were the ones where I could realise my true potential.
    Students often take it to their limits to study hard in those days. And expanding your horizon, and reaching the boundary of your efforts is what an exam requires one to excel.

    Overall, exams are assessments of someone’s strengths and weakness, so that we know what to work upon. To be taken in any other sense is defying it’s purpose.
    Great post, really appreciate how people discuss in your posts.

    • Thank you and I’m glad that you like this as your first post of mine. I always want it to be relatable and a good read in general so I’m glad that those two boxes are ticked. More content soon ✌️

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