Are Students Prepared For The Real World?


Are Students Prepared For The Real World Picture
This post will detail if the modern education society is capable of setting up students for the real world or not.

There are many debates over whether or not the current education system can help prepare students to do well in life.

I know of individuals who are mainly entrepreneurs and believe that education does not help in any way to prepare for the real world. They are very adamant in their belief that school needs to have lessons about money management and workshops which are pertinent to life skills. I completely agree with this because when you leave education, you realise all the hardships that come with life were not taught in school.

I wasn’t taught about bills or anything about mortgages and the process in buying a house. These lessons are imperative in the real world and I just wish that we were taught this in school so that we know exactly what living in the real world with a job is all about.

However, other people believe that education equips you with skills that you can take with you for the rest of your life. They believe that there are life lessons ingrained in the whole educational journey which is all you need to succeed.

I do agree with this to some extent because I am a huge believer that education does have life skills which you can use, with the right mentality of course, to make life more positive and to be grateful for everything you have. This, in turn, will lead to your greatest moments and it is this mindset which will take you from the lowest of lows to the highest of highs.

On the other hand, I believe that this mentality will lead you to kind of blag your way through life. You will have to trial and error so many things before you get it right with this approach. That’s where this approach is a downfall. You have to take life as it goes whereas if you were given lessons in school, then you would be prepared for the situation before it happens. You would be less likely to blow all your money because you will have been taught how and when to spend your money.

I do believe that education needs to have lessons which prepare us for the real world. Whether we see this in the foreseeable future is another question.


  1. I think we need financial management for the real world in school. I even wrote about it today instead of writing a poem. I mean if we can teach kids about sex education and drugs and not money management. Really. That just doesn’t make sense that people think you will acquire enough education to just know about money. If that’s the case the same could be applied to the theory of learning about sex and saying no to drugs,two things that are taught in school.


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  3. Up to the mark post πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
    Education in this era is more materialistic rather realistic.
    Not only institutions, but society and peers also asked to play their role.

  4. Being a student landlord I can tell you that the education system most certainly doesn’t prepare students for life. There book smart but they have no common sense. The real purpose of university is to learn these skills as well as working and many struggle to get the balance right.

    • Yeah I agree. It takes trial and error to learn life and I believe that education needs to be set up in a way in which students learn about the real world early

  5. Great post! I’m lucky to be able to homeschool my daughter so I can teach her real world stuff. I took her out of school after 5th grade because she wasn’t learning anything. They had tests 3 times a week just to prepare for SOL testing at the end of the year. Public school education in America has become a big joke.

    • By the sounds of it, it has. I’m glad that you took initiative to teach your daughter. I hope that goes well 😊😊

  6. I agree that a life skills class should be part of the secondary education curriculum. Perhaps one semester of literature could be sacrificed? Knowledge about economics and handling money is more important than knowledge of Animal Farm or Macbeth.

  7. isn’t higher education’s
    goal about producing
    efficient, dutiful workers?
    many students would benefit
    by learning & practicing to be
    in harmony with each other,
    whether neighbor or co-worker,
    rather than competitor or enemy, imho πŸ™‚

    • That goal does work for the job industry once they get the job. But when it comes to finances and real world problems, we have to adapt as we go since we were never taught this in education

    • Yeahh you are absolutely right, all of these need to be put in the curriculum and it will better prepare students for the real world

  8. The word “educate” come from the Latin “educare”, which means to “lead out”, or to be taught from the inside out. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if that was what institutions of learning, from the beginning to higher levels, actually taught?

    • Ooohhh that’s intriguing, I didn’t know that was where the word educate originated from. But yeah, education should propel students to success

  9. Family is so important to give the child goals for the future. I have taught for years and more and more when the question gets asked: What do you want to be when you grow up? six and seven year olds already have the goal of being on welfare just like their parents…so they don’t have to work. That is just too sad.

  10. As an educator I say no, the students that I encounter are not ready for the real world. They don’t understand the meaning of readiness. They don’t take their education seriously nor do they think on a critical level about their future and how to contribute to a better society.

    • I completely agree. I do believe that students, especially now, don’t take eduction as seriously as they should be as they do not view it as a platform for success in the future

  11. Every child should have free access to school education, in which he will learn not only to write and read, but to learn how to use computers, banking, take care of health and protect his environment etc.

  12. The primary education system has not changed with times, and is essentially the same as it was when we had one-room schoolhouses. Reading, writing and arithmetic. If you can read, write and do math, you can learn any other subject. That was when school stopped after the sixth grade.
    Someone decided we needed to make every child memorize the history of the world, read Shakespeare, learn algebra, and write like an author. There is little room to consider the child’s interests, strengths, and weaknesses.
    Additionally, children are, well, children, and therefore don’t have the frame of mind to appreciate the value of an education any more than they are ready to start a 401k retirement fund.
    Mostly, it’s a money-driven institution. Instructors and educators (which could easily be replaced by recorded lectures, i.e. Say it once and be sure all the important points are met), textbook manufacturers, teachers’ unions, etc.
    We could have kids learning at their own pace, taking courses that interest them, and advancing as quickly as they can, all from the comfort of home, really, with networked educational curricula.
    That would close a lot of schools and put a lot of teachers and maintenance people and textbook writers, printers and salespeople out of work.
    So instead, we’ll keep the ancient, inefficient, inflexible and archaic system we have.


    • This is a very smart comment. You definitely haven’t been brainwashed by the media. I agree with everything you have said. πŸ‘πŸ’―

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