Why Students Don’t Like School

We all know that students dread everything about the education system from the schedule to the teachers.
We all know that students dread everything about the education system from the schedule to the teachers.

School and education in general is something that students hate. They hate everything about it which is why most students do not put their head down and focus in school.

It is the job of teachers to make school life more enjoyable for the students. They need to adapt their lessons in a way which engages the students. To grab their attention and make them feel interested in the lesson to the point that they enjoy coming into school.

Students look to teachers and their friends to make school life enjoyable. 9 times out of 10, their friends will always make life enjoyable in school but you have to note that students come to school to learn and the majority of their time is spent in classes. Teachers have the responsibility to engage the students and to make them excited to come to class.


    • I believe its a bit of both. They hate the idea of going to school and they also hate the fact that they are learning concepts which they will never use in life.

      • The classic one is always mathematics, people always say “when are we ever going to use Pythagoras?” and that makes the student dread mathematics now because they’ll believe that they will learn topics that they don’t want to do in the future

      • Ahh yes. Of course. And then one day when you are much older and you look around realizing—IT’S ALL MATHEMATICS-THE WHOLE UNIVERSE!! And you say to yourself—gee, I wish I spent more time excited about math so I could grasp the awesomeness of existence.

        I am a big fan of reading the Bhagavad Gita. I’ve drawn much inspiration and respect for life and for life long-learning—as our yoga teacher in Mysore used to say to us: “You read your Gita!”

        But I understand-learning is difficult and the mind must be disciplined-cause it’s full of monkeys! And today-anything you might want to know is here at your fingertips. So why bother with school at all?
        But don’t be disheartened. 😊

  1. I’m so lucky as I still love my Middle school. Yesterday I met one of my teachers after a long time and I’m so glad she recognized me at once.
    I love my school and teachers because they gave me knowledge of realism, not made me cram syllabus.

  2. School is the place of learning transfer but it doesn’t happen in the teaching theories of education. Teaching system can’t produce learning passion or drives in the working circuits of student’s brain. We have to change the system of knowledge transfer for effective learning transfer of classroom. This is the problem of limbic brain if students do not like school. Classroom learning environment should be based on the facts of neurological studies. Thanks for the writing about the school distraction of children

  3. So true! Teachers make a difference! Indeed they need to motivate the students and make sure each child in their classroom is known and feels valued! Thoughtful post dear!!

  4. You are so right. It is up to the teacher to engage the students and cause them to desire to learn. I am a youth pastor and I hear teens talk about their different teachers. Some they adore and some they simply tolerate. My hats off to school teachers though. In my opinion they should be some of the highest paid people ever.

  5. Unfortunately this is so true, now my youngest son keeps telling me that 99% of the things that he is learning at school is useless for life, go figure, I tell him today finally to stop saying that for his own good.

    • In this day and age, a lot of kids will hate school and will question it. You just have to motivate them and ensure that what they are learning will help them and you just need to open their eyes to the life lessons within the school environment

      • Yes it’s true, I try my best to keep him motivated but is hard I am not going to sugar coated, you have to be very engage and present on their lives to succeed on that

      • It is very hard, I completely agree with you on that one. I sincerely hope your child performs well and can go on to do great things in life

  6. In some cultures, it is expected that teachers should teach. In others, children are raised so that they are expected to learn. No prizes for guessing which ones make the best of their education!

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  8. Teaching is a selfless profession. Too many are in it because they need a job. I wonder how much of ADD is a real diagnosis vs. unskilled teachers who require quiet children but cannot achieve that without medicating them!😆

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