The Effects Of Ramadan On Education

The Effects Of Ramadan On Education Picture
Going 18 hours without food and drink definitely affects students with their education.

It is that time of the year where Muslims are fasting and will not have food or drink for 18 hours at a time. This sacrifice definitely plays a part in one’s education which I will detail below.

The lack of liquid in the system decreases the cognitive ability and the performance of an individual. You are always told to have a big hearty breakfast before your exam but Muslims who are fasting will be unable to do so. They will have their food in the early hours of the morning which they will rely on to fuel them for their exams.

Going without food in the day will inevitably leave to hunger which will distract individuals from their revision and/or their exams. This can definitely have an impact on one’s grades and students should plan their meals so that the effect is minimal.

When you have a lunch break and everyone is stuffing their mouths with foods, use this time to be productive. Take this break to revise or practice questions. Ensure that the foods you eat will fuel you for the day and not have a detrimental effect for you in the long run.

Keep your sleeping pattern consistent and get used to your sleeping pattern. Your sleeping pattern is not likely to be ideal but if you can work around it and revise effectively, then you can definitely perform well in your exams.

Make sure you stay hydrated when you can eat and drink. Have plenty of water because you only have two times where you can eat. Make use of these times and plan ahead!


  1. I am sure this is tough but brings up the discipline. I have one question…when one eat do they have to drink at the same time or they can wait half an hour or two to drink their water. The reason, when we drink water at the same time of eating, it does more harm to the food we take then help. I sip water if required while eating but will wait for water intake for 30 minutes to an hour. I learned this from my Dad as he has been practicing for ages.

    • So for Ramadan you have a period where you can eat and drink, so for example, one of the days this month we could eat and drink from 9pm to 3:10am. We cannot eat or drink outside of these times.

  2. So, true. I used to work in the writing center of my university and had Muslim students come in looking tired and not so good and they would tell me about Ramadan. I would go easy on them 😎

  3. I think the hardest part for a teacher is talking all day and getting a dry mouth! Everything else I can deal with 🙂 Great post – I think schools should give staff more training on this subject as I’ve found it is shocking the amount of teachers who know nothing about ramadhan when at least 50% of pupils in the school are muslim

    • I feel your pain, I work in a job where I have to talk to customers all day! Yeah, schools should ensure that their teachers are clued up for this blessed month

    • I’m glad you appreciated this post! You are right, we sometimes are unaware of others around us so it’s always good to learn more about other people’s religions

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