How To Stop Being Nervous In An Exam

Being nervous in an exam is perfectly natural but if you can hold back these nerves so that it does not affect your performance, then you will reach your full potential.
Being nervous in an exam is perfectly natural but if you can hold back these nerves so that it does not affect your performance, then you will reach your full potential.

Everyone gets nervous in exams and leading up to the exams, let’s be honest. Whoever says that they don’t get nervous before an exam are either lying or robot overlords from a different planet.

I am always nervous before an exam but I can confidently say that I never let these nerves hinder my performance nor do I allow them to affect the mark I achieve. My friends always used to say to me “How are you so composed during exam seasons and during exams themselves?”

The answer I always give them is that I always think about the end goal. What am I doing the exam for? I am doing these exams to get the highest mark possible so that I can put myself in the best position for the future. I also know that being nervous will not help in any way so I don’t allow nerves and pressure to get to me when in an exam situation.

The trick is to focus on each question as it comes. If a question is hard, that’s fine. Spend the recommended time on that question, make some notes and if you can’t answer it, move on and come back to it at the end. Now most students, after facing a difficult question, allow this to affect their performance for the rest of the exam. But if you have a question by question approach, then this will not be you. After you face a difficult question, go onto the next question with a clear mindset and tackle the question.

You do not understand how many times I have seen students say “OH MY GOD, HOW DID I GET THAT WRONG?” when receiving their exam papers back. It is always because of the fact that they panicked during the exam and this feeling of being in an exam is something which overwhelms people.

That brings me nicely onto my next point as to how to reduce stress and nervousness during exam season and during exams in particular. When approaching your exams, you will hear all kinds of students; “This exam is going to be so hard”, “I am so stressed”, “I don’t even know anything about this module”, “What questions do you think will come up?” You need to distance yourself from this mindset and treat the exam you will do as an ordinary exam. If you treat the exam as a special exam and one which could change your life, then you’re bound to feel the pressure and you will not perform to the best of your ability.

Go check out my post about the mentality you need to have for exams as this is very informative and will help you when approaching and doing exams.

If you do have any upcoming exams, then bookmark this post and check it out so that whenever you have an exam, you can always have tips and tricks nearby.


  1. Another trick to improve your test score is to think happy thoughts right before you sit for the test. Happier people statistically perform better.

    • Oooh that’s a good one. I’ve heard of that before, didn’t know if it was true or not but yeah, what an amazing fact 😏💯

    • Yep, so have I! If you don’t have the mentality and the right mindset to take an exam and perform to the best of your ability, then even the smartest of people will crack under that pressure

      • So true, and the people I have met carried that burden even into adulthood. They were not good “test takers” even though they were fully prepared! So sad! People need help so they do not end up that way!

      • That’s so sad to hear and yeah that is exactly why I made this blog. To help individuals cope better with education and exams so that they put themselves in the best position possible for the future

    • Exactly that, if you can’t handle your nerves during the exam, then it does not matter how smart you are. You will not get the grade that is expected of you

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  3. I am a teacher but I must admit that I am always stressed when I have to sit for an examination, it s the idea of being evaluated by someone that I cannot stand. XD

    • Yeah that’s completely understandable. Everyone feels that pressure but it is just about not letting that pressure affect your performance.

  4. It is definitely a nice article. But I feel in India if a kid tries to keep calm, parents don’t let it happen. Parents believe that being nervous is a sign of high score.

    • Thank you! And I didn’t know that, I get that being nervous can have its high points and can make you focus but being too nervous will not be beneficial for you

      • Kamran, today in India each parent want their kid to be in the catagory of 95%to 100%. Imagine the pressure they are putting on their child. Seats are full at 94%to 95% in colleges. The moment kid is in 9th std, parents start panicking. I wonder if these kids are ever going to learn to handle their life if life throws some failures towards them.

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