How To Create A Sense Of Motivation

How To Create A Sense Of Motivation In Students Picture
Students need motivation in order to succeed in the classroom

In order to be successful in the classroom, students must be inspired and motivated to do well. Without this feeling, students will feel low and will not put effort in their education. This, in turn, will lower their grades which will make them feel even more low. Education can become a vicious cycle of depression and it all begins with the lack of motivation.

Students need to have the mindset of being successful and being motivated to do well instilled in them whilst they are in the classroom. This will set them up for life and will ensure that they work harder in every aspect of life. Both the parents and the teachers have a responsibility to ensure that the students’ morale is at an all time high and that they can approach tasks with the right mindset.

The way to make students more engaged and the way to make them more motivated is two fold. One way to make a student more motivated in the classroom is to make them feel rewarded every time they do something well. If you give students an incentive to do something and to succeed, then they will put their heart and soul into it and will do anything to get to that end goal.

The other way to make students engaged is to warn them about the damages of failure. Although I have said in the past that it is from failure that we get our biggest and best lessons, failure can prove to be an efficient deterrent and will allow students to feel motivated to not fail. Students at all times should try their best not to fail but more often than not, they are not told this enough.

If you can instill these ideas into a student, then they will work very hard to succeed in their education. This mentality will transfer over for when they go on to get a job and for life in general. If no one teaches them, then they will have to learn on their own which could be a drawn out process.

Always endeavour to teach students and to give them the motivation to succeed!


  1. Hi ! These are good points. I would also like to add, after years of teaching people of all ages, that people learn best when they realize that their teachers sincerely care about them. Young children especially, are very intuitive, and can sense when their teacher loves them. In a healthy student / teacher relationship, students feel most motivation to achieve. And a wise teacher also recognizes how much they learn from their students. A good teacher is also a good learner.

  2. Awesome….. Awesome….. Awesome 👏🏽 you made a lot of good points… I enjoyed reading this post. I thank you as well for sharing because as a mother I work with my children. Sometimes we lean forward for the teacher to do everything and it’s so much they can do. That’s why parents need to engage more into their children education. For example my daughter was failing Math been a A student in math every since she been in school but her 7th grade year she went down because she couldn’t understand the teacher. So once the teacher was no longer there her grade went up majorly she was at a 49 an brought it up to a 72 not what I expected but I was proud because she had the courage to get her grade up… so once again Thank you…. ❤️❤️

    • Thank you so much for your kind words, it means a lot ☺! Yeah, parents need to be involved in their child’s education and just take an interest in it as this can be a good talking point and will therefore improve the relationship as well. I’m glad your daughter is back at her potential

  3. This is great! Every teacher has faced this problem sometime or the other. A thing that has worked with some of my students that are so far behind the class is differentiated learning. It becomes challenging for these students to catch up so the only thing that motivates them is seeing positive results. Once they see results in the level of work they have been assigned, they are definitely motivated to try and participate more in class and are more filled with confidence that they can achieve more like everybody else in the class.

    • Thanks for reading and for commenting. Yeah I agree that students do need to see positive results and do need to see that it is possible to do well. This is a great way to motivate the students.

  4. La positività degli scolari è fondamentale. Se è pur vero che devono essere motivati, deve essere anche vero che chi insegna deve porsi positivamente e con il sostegno verso la scolaresca.

  5. ♡ Here’s The Thing EveryOne, just who Defines “Success” and “Failure” and Thens Wants and Demands that “Students” Force ThemSelves in to Pigeon Holes of what “motivation” means 🤔 ?…now, as a Writer, I AM Biased; yet I WILL!!! State that ‘UnMotivated’, ‘Lazy’ Writers and Other Artists have produced The Most Incredible Literature and Art…it’s Crystal Clear Clarity that Some Kids, Many Kids, ARE Forced to be “motivated” in The Wrong Directions especially toward Money and Materialism; please take a Great Deal of Care when “motivating” Kids EveryOne especially when You NOT!!! “motivating” Talents that ARE NOT!!! ALL ABOUT MONEY AND MATERIALISM!!! like Sports, Arts and Other Creative Pursuits


  6. ♡ I Guess One of The Issues Here is The Pressure and Stress on Teachers to Get “Results” for OnGoing Funding Purposes and This is Transferred to Students who THINK!!! ‘I don’t really want to do this yet I can; if I don’t do this my teacher might lose their job and be really sad and I don’t want them to be sad.”; now this might sound far too sophisticated a mode of THINKING!!! for a Child but, believe Me EveryOne, that’s exactly How Children THINK!!! until such ‘DUMB!!!’ THINKING!!! is Conditioned and Buried Deep by MisLeading, Morose, MisGuided “Motivation” from Well Meaning Teachers


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