Always Be A Helper

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You should always strive to help out people and to put other people in good positions in life.

Always strive to help people! This is something which is very good and it just helps with your character and your heart. Helping people gives you an amazing feeling and gives you a sense of gratitude and happiness. When you see that you have helped someone on something they were struggling with, then this will make you happy on the inside and will brighten up your day as well.

Another good aspect of helping out people is that in return they will repay the favour. They will be grateful for what you have done and they will help you when you need it. That should never be the reason why you help someone but it is an added bonus.

When you help people, even if they’re a stranger, you build a better rapport with that person. I cannot tell you how many times I have gotten closer with somebody because I went out of my way to help them. Helping people enables you to surround yourself with good company and the environment is just a whole lot better.

Helping others will also help with your mental state and your emotions. For that period of time where you are helping another individual, your mind gets taken away from all the worries you have in the world and it goes to focusing on the person you are helping. This in turn will alleviate stress and anxiety.

Helping another person doesn’t cost a thing. It is absolutely free! I was always taught by my parents and my older siblings to treat everybody with respect and always show your manners in the littlest of things. Even if you are helping somebody by opening the door for them when they are carrying a huge load, this will be received positively and both you and the person you are helping will benefit from this. Always show manners and always treat everybody with respect.



    • Most definitely, that is exactly the mentality which I have. If you see someone struggling, then you should always offer your assistance

  1. I agree, “Always show manners and always treat everybody with respect.” But sadly I learned the hard way how important it is to ALSO teach your children to always expect others to show you manners and always treat you with respect and if they don’t treat you with respect, then let them know it and stand up for yourself!

    • Yeah, you should always make your children aware of the environment and how other people may behave. As long as your child is respectful and has good manners, that’s all that matters

  2. E’ molto bello il tuo pensiero.
    Io sono convinta che le persone vanno aiutate, per una serie di motivazioni, ma non sono convinta che chi aiuti poi ti aiuterà, a volte non è così.
    Ma io penso che non mi interessa se lo faranno o meno, aiutare Γ¨ un gesto dell’anima, non vuole ritorni, solo pace. Se lo fai senza interesse non ti aspetti nulla.

  3. Nice post. As you have rightly stated, helping others has a whole lots of benefits. There is this sweet feeling it brings – like a gentle sweet tug on the heart and the peace and joy that follows. If I can help others everyday, without expecting anything in return, I will look lovely and will be a very happy person for helping others beautifies the life of the helper. Tested and trusted.

  4. I could not have said it any better. Thank you for this. You are right. Be the shoulder for others to lean on , Be the hand to help them up, Be the kind word when they are down, Be what they need in their time. Reading these helps me to rebuild my faith in us as a whole.

    • You’re welcome, any time!

      We should always give respect because that is the only way you will get respect back.

      Always help others as this reflects your character.

      Have a great day πŸ‘

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