Do Graduates Get A Job Which Relates To Their Degree?

Getting a degree is a dream to so many people but do they actually go into the field of which they studied?
Getting a degree is a dream to so many people but do they actually go into the field of which they studied?

I will start this post off by saying YES! Too many graduates are going into different fields to what they were studying at university. I know many people who went university and have graduated. I don’t believe that I know one individual who has taken up a job in the same sector as their degree.

The question we must ask ourselves is this; are students taking the wrong courses? I don’t believe they are personally because I do believe that the courses they are taking do set them up for life and for future jobs. In any course, there are many skills you obtain along the way as well as your degree. These skills can easily be transferable to the workplace. So why aren’t graduates obtaining a job which relates to their degree?

I do feel like there is a lack of advice about which skills are needed to break into certain industries for sure. It is all well and good having the skills but if you do not know what you are going to be using those skills for, then it is no wonder that students are not getting jobs which are relevant to their degree.

Universities should have a scheme internally where you can match your skills to certain jobs and then this would allow students to know of jobs which are applicable to them and relevant to what they are learning. Placements are a good implementation by universities for certain degrees. These allow students to see if the placement they go on (this is always relevant to their degree) is what they want to do in the future. In some cases, there is a job offer at the end of this so placements will also decrease the number of graduates not obtaining jobs in the relevant industry.

One good thing to come out of the fact that graduates are not going into their relevant field is that it allows them to utilise their skills more fluidly and creatively. They are not restricted to what they have been doing for the past three to four years. It also gives graduates a new perspective on the world and the job industry. They are not focused and limited to one job industry but rather they can meet new people with different histories and be exposed to new cultures and working environments.


    • It definitely is – impacts soo many people and their life choices. I’m thankful of the fact that you took the time to read and comment on my blog. Have a great day 👍

  1. Great subject and a touchy one… Sometimes they go to school to get a degree yes they have the degree but now they want you to be certified. I went to a class at the workforce center and this guy was being real as he can. He explained to us that he had multiple degrees and look where he was working at the workforce center. So he was like yes it’s okay to get a degree but at the same token you apply for this certain job you have the degree but this other person don’t have the degree but that person is certified for that same job… who do you think got the job? Not the one with the degree. Funny how that works… so I explained to my kids it’s cool to go to college but if you go go for something in the medical field or become a lawyer or a judge something that’s going to help you pay off those loans…

    • Yeahh I know many people who have been through that exact same situation. Employers now I feel have stopped looking at the degree as an advantage but rather they prefer experience. So always keep your close ones informed as to whether or not the uni route is the right choice for them

      • Kamran and I couldn’t agree more. You are right. That’s what they want more experienced. Thank you for sharing all this information about Education… Question have you ever heard of the Staar Test?

      • It’s a State of Texas Assessment of Academic Readiness. Which they call Staar its a test that our kids have to take. They have to pass it to move on from 5th and 8th grade. If they don’t pass they try to hold them back a grade. Also they have to pass it to graduate.. parents have been protesting this test.. I’m against it but hey it’s a state test… look it up an get more insight on it

      • That’s crazy! Just from reading this comment, I’m against it but I will definitely look it up to try and understand it better

      • I definitely will, and you’re very welcome. I always engage with my readers and go to their blogs and show love. Thank you for reading my blog, it is sincerely appreciated 😊

  2. Great post as usual, I really hope for this to be true, in my case it was, in my husbands case was not, he study something different that what he is doing today, but with my kids I really hope they stay on their profession, whatever path they choose I hope they can follow it

    • Thank you for your kind words 😊

      With your kids, just keep them informed before they go university if that’s what they would like to do in the future. Ensure that they know jobs down the line and ways to get experience in that sector.

      Experience is what employers look for these days. So ensure that your children take part in internships, placements etc (have made blog posts on these) and take advantage to gain as much experience as possible

  3. From my experience, I’m going to say no. I have a degree in biology but didn’t get my masters. For graduates who go on to get their masters and specialize in something specific, they have a much higher chance of finding something in their field. I had my doubts though, so I decided to get a second degree which I’m currently finding quite challenging. I was forced to withdraw in the meantime for personal reasons.

    Some people get a related job in their field but these people are what I call ambitious and extroverted for the most part, which is not me. I’m extremely introverted who suffers from social anxiety, which I’m currently trying to overcome by studying nursing (and people).

    With my degree in biology, I’ve worked several jobs. I worked at a factory where I made plastic caps for companies like Hellman’s (mayo) and Nestle (smarties containers etc.) to name a few. I worked as a waitress which didn’t last because I can’t tolerate noise. Like at all. I also worked at Walmart in the garden center, as a cashier…. and the only degree-sorta related thing I did? Entry level pharmacy assistant. It paid $1 above minimum wage. It just didn’t make sense to me to keep doing this hence why I went back to school.

    • I completely understand where you’re coming from. I feel like if you do a pure subject like Biology, Mathematics, Physics etc, then it is much harder to go into an industry related to your degree whereas if you do something like medicine or law, then these are related to a specific sector so it is easier.

      I do hope you find success in a job you have a sincere passion for! Keep working hard and smart

  4. I watched a documentary a couple of years ago saying that Universities need to stop training people for jobs that exist now and start training them for jobs of the future. Both my sons have undergrads and Masters, but both took a very different path. My youngest switched his path twice in his undergrad as he realized the courses would not lead him to a satisfying job. Both are happy and well employed in jobs they love. That is the key. Work at something that meets your passion. If it gives you a good wage, that is a bonus. Cheers. Allan

  5. Yes!! I am so glad you wrote about this because I think about this all the time. Just because you get a Psychology degree doesn’t mean you need to be a Psychologist! it’s must easier to find a job to match skills, instead of majors. A psychologist could write a book, teach psychology, work in forensic science, or…be a psychologist. There are so many people out there that get a degree in a popular field and fail to find a job. I think their issue is they are not being open-minded as to what they are actually qualified for. As for me, i graduated with a management degree but I have a career in Accounting. I did this on purpose, too! You are so right when you say that college sets you up for life. I believe that High school sets you up for College, and College sets you up for Life. If you can pass college…you have proven to yourself that your dedicated,determined, and intelligent and employers look for that! great post.

    • Yeah, I was doing a Maths Degree and now I’m an IT support consultant soo I definitely veered from what I was doing at university.

      I do agree with you when you say that the people who fail to find a job, aren’t open minded. They limit their job search and thus close doors which may have been the right one for the.

      However, I do belive that God has a plan for all of us.

      Thank you for your kind words and for taking the time to read and comment on my blog 🙏

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