The Effect Of Gaming On Education

Is gaming a good thing or a bad thing for your education?
Is gaming a good thing or a bad thing for your education?

Gaming is a hobby which many individuals love to do, including myself. However, there are many proven studies which say that gaming can have a negative effect on the way your brain works. Does this affect your education and how can you use gaming to your advantage?

If you are at school and you have school the following morning, then please do not play games the night before and stay up late. You will feel cranky in the morning and you will be in no position to learn new topics and to take in new information. You should always go to school feeling fresh and ready to learn. This is something you should do for life as well. Always be a keen learner and be willing to take in new challenges and tasks. Gaming late at night will not be beneficial for you in this sense.

When you are at school, I would suggest you play games after all your homework and extra work you need to do has been completed. Then, you can play with no stress knowing that you have completed your work. Have a schedule planned out for when you are going to work and when you are going to game. This allows your body to function efficiently.

Even if you have completed all your work, make sure you do not game excessively and do not act out as you would do in a game in the school environment. There are many violent games out there which are very good to play. Studies show that children do exhibit these behaviours in real life and they lash out.

You need to have the mentality to keep the gaming to one side when you are in the real world. Yes, you can talk about it with your friends and have a little giggle about it but please do not lash out trying to act like a certain character in the video game. Remember that these games have been created for entertainment purposes only.

There are many benefits to gaming as well. One key benefit of gaming is the fact that it instil competitiveness in a child which can lead to them doing well in their studies. We all need that competitive edge and drive from somewhere and playing games, when done the right way, can definitely be the provider for this. That desire to win transcends into education which can produce astonishing results.

Another benefit is the fact that video gaming can help build relationships and help build rapport. You meet and talk to so many people when playing and you can really build a strong relationship with your fellow classmates who you may not have spoken to before. Building relationships is good for your education because you can then revise together and then help each other out.

We all know how long we should game for and how long we should revise for the optimum experience. Stick to this and you will do just fine!


  1. I am not a gamer, but my husband and sons are gamers. My husband was a gamer back when gamers were just emerging. I believe that his successful IT career can be in a large part attributed back to his gaming.

    My oldest son has used gaming as a way to keep in touch with friends over long distances. We moved away from his first core group of friends over 6 years ago, and gaming kept them all in touch. He will actually be rooming with them at college this fall.

    My younger son opted out of traditional high school and leveraged his gaming expertise to get into a computer science academy. He has already been learning how to program and develop video games as a freshman.

    Now, with all those positives noted, I agree with the downfalls. It is a daily occurrence that we are waiting for someone to get to a save spot. When my boys were younger, I had to have strict this before that and no gaming before school rules.

    • Yeah, I was and am still a gamer now and I am an IT support consultant. I do agree with your words where you say that gaming helps in certain aspects. Thank you for taking the time to write such an Insightful comment 😊 πŸ€—

  2. I totally agree.. my sons are gamers and you have given me some good suggestions to teach my children about gaming. It’s cool to game but as you’ve stated when it’s dealing with school.. school should come first and homework etc etc should be done then game time. I know some of my son friends can’t play their games during the week while school is in session.. I really like this post.. I think when school starts back in August my sons will have to put those games up until all work is done… Thanks Kamran for this awesome post

  3. Like many factors influencing a human being, games also have pros and cons. undoubtedly they can addictive but gives us a pleasure of competition. Everything in good proportion is good at all.

    • Thank you for those kind words. Please share with as many people as you can so that as many people can benefit from this as possible


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  5. From a psychological perspective, gaming does have pros and cons.

    Some games are useless, as they promote scenarios that have absolutely no moral or developmental compass. Parents should know what games their children play and if it does not agree with their values, it should not be allowed. Even when entertainment is brought into the equation, some games corrupt the mind to believe what is right is wrong and vice versa. A child who has yet to form abstract cognitive capacity cannot differentiate that which is played from the concrete reality of their early developmental journey, which is primarily learned through real life experiences.

    On the other hand, when used correctly, games can expose a child’s interests to moral decision making skills, factors around active imagination, and expose them to stimuli related to real historical events. But again, this needs to be monitored with a positive adult influence present.

    Gaming can be a great tool for a child, only if there is a caring adult involved that will make sure negative influences do not corrupt the emerging mind of a child. For many years I have worked with the violent mentally ill individuals, and there are very specific forms of media they gravitate towards.

    Thank you for this great article.

    • This is most definitely true. I’ve seen all cases with my own eyes. I’m lucky enough to say that I can play games and not let it affect the person I am.

      I instead use the games to channel my competitiveness whenever I have a task or whenever I need to perform well at something in life.

      Thank you for your kind words 😊

  6. Actually, I do really believe that gaming is taking over education. And I really liked your words. A 19 year old Indian Boy died due to playing pubg for over 6 hours. Excessive use of everything, is dangerous. Not for our education but also our health.

  7. I am a gamer and always have been. I’ve always told my kids from day one, you don’t touch a game if homework’s and chores aren’t done. They are on 1 hour time when school is in and then their chores being done depicts how long they may be on it the weekend. I still encourage sports and outside activity. I abide by the same rules since I game/stream so they see that in me as well. But the same time gaming/tech is what my oldest son is passionate about and it shows in his computer animation already at 11. So I play it off and on with him when he is gaming or working on a new project.

    • I absolutely love that! Gaming is something which should be fun but should not take priority over your studies. Keep up the amazing work you’re doing!

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