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Today, I look back on my posts and pick out my favourite post and why!
Today, I look back on my posts and pick out my favourite post and why!

I always look to the future but for today’s post, I wanted to reminisce and look into the past to pick out my favourite post. I have written so many posts and there are many which I really love as well as some posts which I think, “What the hell does that even mean?!”

After looking back at all of my posts, I have to say that my favourite one is a post which I wrote about a week ago called “Always Be A Helper“. I love this post because it gives an insight into the kind of person I am and it also encourages all my readers to become better people and to help others out. It is a chain of positivity and this is why I proclaim this post to be my favourite one.

I want you guys to tell me which post of mine you loved reading the most and why (don’t be shy to go into detail). I want to know which content of mine appeases my readers so this will be valuable information for me to take away and make my future posts more focused and suited to what you guys actually want to read.

Also, include in the comments, what posts you would like me to write specifically. Maybe there is an idea or topic in your head which you want me to offer my opinion on or just to write about. Either way, send over your ideas and they will be added to my ideas list in my notepad.

For all you savage readers out there, you can tell me the worst post I have ever written and why! I will not be offended one bit and I will always see the funny side to these comments. These comments will also help me because they allow me to reflect upon some of my bad posts and make adjustments to my future posts so that every post I put out is an enjoyable read for you guys.

I look forward to reading these comments πŸ™‚


    • That was one I was also thinking as my favourite. I love the ones where the audience really takes life lessons out of it and can apply it themselves.

      Thank you for taking the time to comment, your input is much appreciated 😊

  1. Hard to pick out just one as they’re all enjoyable to read even though they may not be relevant to a retiree like me.

    • Thanks Sheree, those are such kind words. If you do have any topics in mind which you think would be relevant to you m, I am more than welcome to hear them πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰

  2. Well Karman I love all your post that I have read so far. You has given me life and you have educated me on education for my children. I want to thank you for that. You are a person who helps so I see why you chose that blog post as your favorite. Thank you for all your inspirations… ❀️❀️❀️

  3. Each post is interesting in its own way. I really may not have read all the publications, but it would be interesting to learn more about whether there is homework, what is their volume, how much is spent per day on their preparation. And what do you think about this.

  4. I liked β€˜Don’t Be Afraid to Stand Out’ as well. My son says, β€˜If you’re not memorable, you’re boring.’ That is a harsh take on things, but there is some nugget of truth in it.

    • Yeahhh I loved writing that post – a classic one!

      I absolutely love that quote haha, he is right, you want people to remember you and if they do, then you must be doing something right πŸ‘πŸ‘

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