Is Homework Good For Students?

Will doing homework be beneficial for the student or will it do more harm than good?
Will doing homework be beneficial for the student or will it do more harm than good?

Homework can be deemed to be very good as it does consolidate the understanding of topics. When you do your homework and put all your effort into it and to understand the topic, then it will increase your knowledge in that topic.

Teachers will give out homework when they want to gauge what stage each of their students are at. Homework is good in a sense that teachers can understand which topics you are strong on and comfortable with and which topics you are struggling with. This will help you fulfill your potential because the teaching will become specific to you and will allow you to strengthen your weak topics.

On the other hand, if a student has too much homework, then this can cause stress. Imagine the scenario where a student is getting homework for all of their subjects and the deadline for all of them is within a week. From the teachers’ perspective, they have only handed out one piece of homework to be completed by the end of the week but from the student’s perspective, they have x number of homework for x subjects due by the end of the week. The work piles up and this can allow the student to be terribly stressed.

I can say that from experience, doing all the homework handed to you develops a learning mindset which you can apply for the rest of your life. When you are given homework, you can be one of two kinds of people. You can be the moaning type who hates homework or you can be the type to just get on with it and complete the homework way before the deadline. I was always the latter. I would just get on with the homework, complete it straight away so I have time to rest and play sports.

If you have the mindset of just getting on with it, this will help you in the future because you will be given many tasks when you are working and if you moan every time you get a new task assigned to you, this will be bad for you in two ways. One – you would look bad in the eyes of your manager and your peers and they will always view you as someone who doesn’t like to do work. Two – You would never get any work done or it would take you a tremendously long time to get the work finished.



  1. I agree with you there are great advantages to home work, and sometimes too much stress to weak students who cannot catch up, as u said if teachers can help and understand them it’s a good

    • Thanks for your kind words 😊

      I didn’t really think about homework like this also when I was in school, I would just put all my effort into it and try to do the best I can. That was always my mindset towards everything.

  2. But Indian teachers load students with lots of homework 😣. I think it should be balanced and limited . So that student can manage his timetable.

  3. As a former teacher, I think that homework is very useful because it should consolidate knowledge.
    On the other hand it must not be excessive, because it would be impossible for students to do it all thoroughly and seriously

    • Yeahhh time management is an amazing lesson one can take away from doing homework for the rest of their lives.

      You’re doing great, keep instilling this mindset and they will go far πŸ˜ŠπŸ€—

  4. Ideally, homework reinforces and complements the class lessons. Completing assignments teaches responsibility, develops good work habits, so you can study and learn your whole life, take pride in your work.

    • That would be the ideal situation, I completely agree with you and I 100% agree with the benefits you have pointed out

      However a lot of students do feel like it is a lot of stress and additional work on top of their exams and so homework should be given to help students

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