Listen To Your Students

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Listening to your students can really help both you and the student!

I have written many posts aimed at students but this post is aimed at the teachers out there.

Do not dismiss a student’s ideas in the classroom. Every teacher has an image in their head of the students in their classroom so it can be very easy for the teacher to think that every time a ‘troublesome’ student raises an idea, it will always be pointless and not conducive. Get out of this mindset because the ‘troublesome’ student will feel that you do not respect them and they will be more likely to lash out. Show every student respect and treat every instance as an independent event so that you do not have any preconceptions before a child speaks.

Have a talk with your students about what they want to do in life and how are they feeling in general. When the students believe that the teacher is genuinely interested in their passions and hobbies, they are more likely to treat the teacher with respect and are more likely to behave in the classroom. It also builds that rapport which is always a good thing.

Learn the tendencies of your students and learn to recognise their behaviour when they are feeling good and when they are not feeling so good. Being understanding of your students will allow you to control your classroom as well as caring for your students and being there for them in times of hardship.

Students are very good at reading teachers and determining what kind of teacher you are. So make your impression a good one. Always make the students feel like they can come to you for help. If you have some free time, then offer to help your students out with revision techniques or maybe there is something particular which you know your students are struggling with. When you hand out tests to your classroom, ensure that you make it clear what can be expected on the exam to help the students prepare the best they can. Little things like this are appreciated by the student!

Always be there for your students and ensure that they feel like they can talk to you about anything.


    • You are right. It’s a two way street, both the teachers and the students need to cooperate in order to maintain a healthy relationship

  1. Well said…. This was a very great post… Where my children went to school the last three years has been awful… the teachers never communicated with parents when the child was failing. You could email the teachers they never emailed back.. now you had some that were concern and reached out. There needs to be better communication with teachers and students along with Parents as well. Overall Kamran love this post… โค๏ธโค๏ธโค๏ธ

    • Yeah that’s something I haven’t touched upon. The teachers interaction with the parents. This communication needs to be presented when the child is doing well and when the child is not doing as good.

      Thank you for your kind words ๐Ÿ˜Š

  2. “Show every student respect and treat every instance as an independent event so that you do not have any preconceptions before a child speaks”. It would be great if the teachers were, in fact, objective to each student! But nobody has canceled interpersonal relations, and as if we didnโ€™t want this, this is hardly possible.

  3. Hi! I’ve scrolled through your feed and realized that your posts could use some numbering to get more organized. You could also cut down some paragraphs in two or three.

    This is just a friendly feedback! Your posts are great and amazing! They do have a lot of point!

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