Benefits Of Reading

Reading has many benefits and we should all endeavour to read as much as we can
Reading has many benefits and we should all endeavour to read as much as we can

Reading is something which helps not only students but adults too. Everybody should try to read which can really help with many aspects of life.

Everyone gets stressed. It is a normal part of life and some people need to find an escape just to get away from all their problems. Reading can really help with this. Losing yourself in a story of someone intriguing really helps with your issues because for that period of time, you are in another dimension. Look at reviews to see which books take you to that other dimension and this can be your go-to when you are feeling stressed.

Reading really helps you build your knowledge. You may be thinking; no it doesn’t! When reading, you pick up new pieces of information which will help you in life in general. The more you read, the more knowledge you acquire and the more knowledge you have in your locker, the more it will come in handy for the future.

Expanding on the topic of knowledge, your vocabulary will inevitably grow in value and in quantity. When reading a book, you will be exposed to vocabulary which you will not have seen before in your life. This will be ingrained in your brain and will be there for the future. This is a change which you will not notice right away but over time, you will find that you are saying and writing words in a more formal manner.

Memory improvement is a huge benefit of reading. When reading a story, you have to remember a variety of characters, plots etc. Chances are that you will not finish the story in one day so you have to have a good memory to remember where you left off. This skill in remembering characters will transcend into the real world and will aid your memory!

Please detail any other skills obtained from reading as I know there is a whole lot more!



  1. Great post. Especially hitting on the vocabulary and grammar aspect. I feel that when I’m reading a book, my public speaking is much more formal and sound versus when I go a month or so without reading. Great insight!

    • Heeeey I appreciate this soo much and I am genuinely honoured. I do want my blog to be informative and not be filled with awards so I will not post on this but thank you sooo much for the recognition

  2. A huge subject that we need to address today is critical reading covering skills like bias, fact, and opinion, and evaluating a proper argument. I used to teach these skills as a a professor by assigning novels.

  3. I agree with you regarding the benefits of reading. Not having much formal education or even a degree to date; I see where being an avid reader has left my vocabulary filled with words that leave others wondering what school I attended ☺️

  4. Not liking to read is more reason to do it because it has the added benefit of building you self discipline. I read mostly nonfiction but I agree wholeheartedly.

  5. I am fortunate to be much older than many on here. I was brought up well before computers became mainstream, so books were my main form of gathering information and my main form of entertainment. I loved to escape into a good adventure story as a kid. Thankfully, even though I obviously also use the internet (otherwise I wouldn’t be commenting here) I have kept up my reading habit. I simply love books. The internet/computers/smart phones/tablets etc are having a negative effect on attention spans of readers. Most on line news/views/reviews etc are in small bite sized pieces giving instant gratification….flooding the brain with endorphins. Reading a book takes much longer and means more concentration and no instant flood of feel good hormones. It’s a skill to get the balance right….something the kids of today need to learn, or risk losing.

  6. I never knew that reading could help with improving your vocabulary. Recently I have been wanting to spend less time and my phone and was wondering what activities I could do. I’ll have to look into getting a couple of books to start reading more often!

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