Risking Failure To Reach Success

Risking Failure To Reach Success Picture
In order to reach the highest of highs, we must be willing to overcome the lowest of lows.

Success, for me personally, is not a destination but it is actually a journey. It is getting knocked down but having the courage and the fight to get back up and not just to live, but to thrive. To reach success, you will have your downfalls and your setbacks. Failure is inevitable and we all experience it. The people who turn out to be successful are the ones who can embrace this and who can push through and see the light at the end of the tunnel.

If you try to dodge failure and try to become successful by trying to do everything the easy way, then 9 times out of 10, you won’t be as successful as you would like to be. Failure is the best teacher there is. You learn so many things when you fail and you learn a whole lot more from when you fail compared to when you succeed. You learn what not to do and you learn how to grow as an individual.

Taking risks is part of life and it is only when you take risks that you know that you are embracing failure. Playing it safe is all well and good but the most successful people out there are the ones who put it all on the line and risked it all.

Embrace failure and you will definitely have a better quality of life.


  1. ♧ Being Kind to Me and Hence Others by NOT!!! Berating MySelf Beating MySelf Up EveryOne; particularly “good” by NOT!!! asking STUPID QUESTIONS!!!


  2. Also, when things don’t go quite the way you hoped, it’s much more of a learning experience.

  3. I always tell my children who gets upset when we have to change plans because of the rain, “without the rain there would be no flowers.And without the flowers there would be no bees, and without bees,we would have no food.” In other words one couldn’t exist without the other.

  4. Very true. Every failure is a stepping stone to success. And we must treat failures – as steps to success – and then everything will work out.
    just sometimes a person knocks on a closed door, when, in fact, he does not need it. and then he is pursued by failures from time to time … here you have to stop and think. perhaps his success is completely different! Then you have to turn to the right road, on which you will get to overcome the steps of failure.

  5. When I was still quite young, I learned to ice skate. I recall once proudly approaching my instructor to inform her that for the entire practice session I had not fallen once. Her response… “That’s too bad. It means you’re not trying anything new.”

    • Yeah I’ve heard that quote from my teachers soo many times. It is very true, failure comes from taking risks and trying new things.

    • Thank youu soo much and that’s my goal; to lift the spirits and to motivate my readers when they need it the most.

      Feel free to share it on all platforms so that as many people can benefit from this as possible

  6. Thank you for the reminder. Sometimes when we are going through the lowest of lows we may not remember the highs that we once had. We all fail. It does take persistence.

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