Problem Solving

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Problem solving is a skill which is required all around the world in every sector so if you become good in the art of problem solving, you will be much better off!

Employers all look for problem solving skills. Whenever you have an assessment centre or you have to do tests online, they are looking at how efficient you are when it comes to dealing with problems. Problem solving is not simple and it does not only constitute one thing. It is very complex and it takes consistency to develop this skill and to maintain it.

If you are playing a game, you will encounter problems. If you are watching a TV game show and you are playing along with them, you are developing these skills. So you could be doing everyday activities and your problem solving skills will increase naturally.

On that note, if you know you have a maths test coming up, then it probably isn’t wise to be watching Catchphrase and trying to guess the common phrase. Be smart when you are revising but always be someone who embraces problems rather than shying away from them.

When I was very young, I used to play strategy games online and I always and still do to be honest, liked riddles and brainteasers. It just fuels the brain and whenever you encounter a problem, you can view it from a positive perspective and you can fully delve into the issue without being scared or nervous.

When reading a job description, they will not always say “Problem Solving skills required”. However, I can guarantee that if you read the job description, you will see that you will need to overcome problems and you will require problem solving skills in order to do well in your day to day life.

If an interviewer asks you to tell them about a time you overcame something, then they are analysing your problem skills here and how you used these skills to overcome the barriers you had. Problem solving is such a sought after skill and it is required in any field.



  1. Very well needed post, Kamran. Problem solving requires commitment and perseverance, two disciplines that are needed for our every day walk in life. ☺️

    • Oh my god, thank you sooo much for the nomination! I am getting nominated left right and centre and I am truly grateful that the work I put in is being recognised.

      Thank you for your kind words, I am very very honoured. I do want my blog not to be filled with awards because I want people to see the education side of my blog and to obtain value from it, so I will not post this but I am truly grateful that you nominated me. Thank you soo much πŸ˜ŠπŸ€—πŸ’―

  2. That one was really nice… I like this and really enjoyed… Keep it up and I also read your other blog posts. can I get a few more information if you have, about a few things which you shared in the past? I will be thankful to you…

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