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There are patterns all around us and if we can identify these patterns especially in our day to day lives, the quality of life will improve drastically

Identifying patterns in life is a very good skill to have. You may be wondering, “How is knowing what the next pattern in a sequence going to help me in life?” Identifying patterns is not to be taken literally and I will explain why.

One form of identifying patterns is knowing your friends’ body language. If you know when your friend is feeling down or is not the upbeat person they normally are, then you can offer them your support to help them in their time of need. You can also avoid being friends with the wrong people if you know what to look for and by looking at their demeanour. If you have a good circle around you, then you will lead a happier life so be sure to identify patterns which distinguish between your good friends and toxic relationships.

Within education itself, you can also identify patterns and use it to your advantage. Let’s take exams as an example. Every year, a class will have an exam for the same subject. Most people see these exams as independent of each other meaning that they need to revise the whole content and they do not use past papers to their advantage. However, you can always find a similar format of questions every year. Use the power of identifying patterns to your advantage and make a note of the questions which look like they appear every year. I also used to have a notepad where I would make a note of all the tricky questions from past papers. Then, when it came closer to exam time, I would just revise those tricky questions because why revise for something you already know?

When applying for job positions, the employers always love to throw some tests your way. These may be diagrammatical, numerical, verbal reasoning etc. Now diagrammatical is designed to test your ability to know the next pattern in the sequence so this skill is needed to obtain most jobs these days. Both the numerical and verbal tests will also have patterns ingrained in them but you will notice this once you do so many of them. You will come to recognise that the tests are very similar for most companies so your skill of identifying patterns will really help you out here.

Identifying patterns comes hand in hand with a quote I really love, “Don’t practice until you get it right, practice until you can’t get it wrong”


  1. Great post,interesting as well as puzzling for many like me.You are absolutely correct from your point of view.Patterns play a great role not only in educational success and job market but it has become a special unit of a happy and prosperous life.We all need to learn, study and understand the patterns of the people we are living or working with to excel in every activity related to our day today life. Thank you very much sir for your lovely post.πŸ’•

  2. Love the quote you ended with! So many great points you made in this post! Identifying patterns by means of body language is something I can relate to! Many people are very predictable in their habits and body language. I feel that it is so important to identify patterns like you stated!

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