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Public speaking is a skill which can really help you achieve success in the future

In this post, I will talk about public speaking and how it can help you in your future career.

During your educational journey, you will be asked to speak in front of a crowd at least once. This must be something that you find yourself comfortable doing because you may need to hone in on these skills in the future.

In your future job, you may need to present an idea to your co-workers so being comfortable in an environment where everyone is looking at you is a really valuable skill to have. In certain industries, employers look for this trait when recruiting. This is why, in assessment centres, you may have an aspect which requires you to speak publicly.

Generally, public speaking is a really good skill to have because with public speaking comes confidence and if you can portray yourself to be confident, this will work to your benefit. Another good skill which can come out of speaking to the public is communication skills. I have hinted in previous posts that communication skills is essential in being successful so whenever you have the opportunity to do public speaking, take advantage of it!



  1. One tip that helped me was, I was so worried someone would ask me a question that I did not know the answer tho about what I just spoke on, now I briefly answer, then say -excellent question but lengthy answer let me get your contact info and get you a detailed answer

    • Good response… Students staring into their phones during a presentation aren’t necessarily texting their friends about tonight’s party. They can also be checking facts and reviewing counter-arguments from a compendium of “experts”.

      • And I do quite a bit of public speaking teaching in services at my work is often a weekly thing in front of crowds anywhere from 1 to 100 or more and I also speak at our local Society meetings which are in groups of 500 and that tipped help me for sure also being prepared and practicing on your time everybody hates it when you go to long or too short so time slots are important to stick to.

  2. Public speaking is definitely a good skill to have. Even though I’m quiet and others would classify me as shy, I have never had a problem with public speaking. I think viewing it as just teaching someone about something, one on one, helped me. I just imagined that instead of 30 or 100 at once, I was helping them one on one.

    • It definitely is and I do love that mindset. I have never really thought of it in that way but I will definitely try. Thank you soo much 😊

  3. Once I was at a poetry reading in LA. I asked the girl next to me, who wasn’t a regular, whether she was a poet. She was. Was she going to read? Oh hell no, too nervous. I asked her what was the worst thing that could happen if she read – that she might not do well and only get light applause. What was the worst thing that could happen driving on the freeway? Massive wreck? Someone shoots you? Bad earthquake when you’re on an overpass? So….. how did you get to the poetry reading tonight???? She drove on the freeway. So she got up and read and did OK!

    • Haha I absolutely love that!!

      We should always encourage people to speak because it definitely is a valuable skill and it gives you confidence

  4. I use to be skeptical about speaking in front of others. There’s a lot of fear that comes before trying something new, because your not known to how it will feel. I can say it varies for everybody, but for me, I found my first time speaking in front of an audience amazing! I fell in love with public speaking ever since. Never would I have known how great it would feel to speak in front of others and that I was actually a natural at it. I agree with you, it is an important skill that we should all adopt and practice. You don’t have to be a Tony Robbins to make a statement in your speech, as long as you learn to own your stage, then anyone can speak publicly.

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